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    RPG Print News – Exalted Funeral, Legendary Games, and More

    Are you sure that Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition is published by Renegade Games and uses D&D 5e as a system? ;) I think the publisher is rather Onyx Path Publishing, and the system is Chronicles of Darkness.
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    D&D Movie/TV An Analysis of the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Trailer

    I‘ve got a theory regarding the Druid shifting into an owlbear. WotC is currently shifting the rules and in 2024 a new trio of corebooks will be released. The movie is clearly a signal to the TTRPG fans that owlbears will no longer be monstrosities, but instead will be beasts. It‘s just another...
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    Campaign Master: Finish Existing Campaigns

    I have the same "shiny new object" syndrome. But I think, I have it under control. Without consciously aiming for it, I did what the author described: finishing campaigns. Oddly, I learned that on G+. It was there that I learned to commit to smaller campaigns with 6-13 sessions, and then really...
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    Dragonlance Read The Beginning Of Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit!

    The new map by Jared Blando looks great, but seems to contain the usual spelling mistakes…
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    Not DnD: Star Trek Adventures at 10pm BST on Twitch

    So far Modiphius has resisted publishing d20 versions of their 2d20 games. Also, Modiphius has licensed additional Star Trek properties since the start of Star Trek Adventures. Discovery and Picard were not initially part of the agreement, but they are now. So, I think that Modiphius will most...
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    D&D 5E Call of the Netherdeep Delayed To 5th April in Europe

    Short question: title says April 15th, the citation from WotC says April 5th. What gives?
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    D&D 5E Fizban Is In The Wild -- With the Table of Contents!

    Interesting how WotC is re-using the art from MtG Forgotten Realms Adventures. Originally, I had figured that artwork would go into a new Forgotten Realms campaign guide. But it seems to turn up in Fizban's and the new Mordenkainen book.
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    D&D 5E Wild Beyond the Witchlight Features Warduke & More!

    That only harengon are mentioned, but no other folk from the recent UA about anthropomorphic folks confirms my suspicion that those are meant for Strixhaven.
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    UK Games Expo Updates Covid Rules (Again!)

    Well, I guess that too many exhibitors have cancelled their participation. I received at least one newsletter where the company stated they wouldn’t participate anymore due to the then lax precautions.
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    D&D 5E My guess for the other D&D book this year... Draconomicon!

    If we are going to see three classic settings alongside MtG Settings in 2021-2022, then in one of the years we will get three settings. But I am still holding out for a new Forgotten Realms book to go along with MtG Forgotten Realms.
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    D&D Movie/TV Check Out Hugh Grant's D&D Movie Costume!

    I do too. I think the storyline even hints at Hugh Grant being Dagult Neverember.
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    D&D Movie/TV Photos from the D&D Movie Set

    Zhentarim would be my guess. Yeah, I had the same reaction... but I am going to judge the movie on the finished product. Post-production and SFX can add a lot to a movie nowadays.
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    Dragonlance Elmore's 'The Four Women of Dragonlance' Painting Is Finished

    I really like the Elmore art back in the 80ies, 90ies, but this whole picture looks seriously dated. Like it was painted 30-40 years ago... I know that it's been recently painted. But somehow it doesn't live up to today's art standards. Nice retro piece though. Though Laurana doesn't even look...
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    The Biggest TTRPG Kickstarter Creators: Free League Is King!

    An interesting metric would also be the timeframe in which the Kickstarters have been run. For example, OPP started back in 2010 or 2011, I think. While Fria Ligan has been using Kickstarter for a much shorter timeframe (and managed to raise more money for less projects in a shorter time).
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    Dune: Adventures in the Imperium is Now Available!

    I own a lot of Modiphius' basic rulebooks (Conan, John Carter, Star Trek Adventures, and now Dune). Dune seems to be the most and best organized of these. They really managed to address the issues of rules organization, and also - as far as I can tell - indexing. I don't now if this is an effect...
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    Making a Heroes' Feast: Traveler's Stew

    Once, when I ran a Vampire: The Masquerade one-shot set in New Orleans, I tried my hand at Red Beans and Rice to get the local flavor.
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    This is the Way

    I think that for the typical fantasy plots, a TV series does the genre more justice than a single movie. There is so much exposé necessary to understand the world that it would be better served as a series. The Witcher series is pretty good at handling this. GoT shows a sweeping story. A D&D...
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    D&D 5E The March D&D Book Will Be Announced Next Tuesday

    My take, based on the last two years: We get a setting book in March (most likely an MtG setting or Dark Sun) We get a setting book in June (most likely Forgotten Realms as tie-in to MtG, and to take advantage of the art ordered for the MtG set) We get an adventure/ campaign book in September...
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    [VOTING IS OVER!] Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2021!

    Dune! Everyway 2nd Edition! Urban Shadows!