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    Kickstarter BeamDown: Upcoming Terrain Building Software

    Saucermen Studios will soon be launching a new software platform for building custom 3D printable terrain with BeamDown by Saucermen Studios. You can check out some videos of it in action at New Terrain Building Software: Prepare to BeamDown - Saucermen Studios Custom build terrain Easy to...
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    Kickstarter Flatline City: SECOND WAVE [Kickstarter]

    Hey folks! We're super excited to share the next exciting chapter of Flatline City! Flatline City: Second Wave is a HUGE new, city building terrain set with a core set of 110+ city building models. This anticipated expansion to Flatline City can be used as standalone terrain or combined with...
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    Kickstarter Flatline City - Sci-Fi Terrain

    Flatline City is launching next week! Get on the pre-launch list at Flatline City is a feature packed, 3d printable terrain system with modular buildings, walkways, slum stacks, twisting pipelines, underground tunnels and...