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  1. pkt77242

    Dice Bag Kickstarter

    There is a great Kickstarter for Dice bags right now, I have backed a Kickstarter from the company before and their bags are really nice and the customer service is great. *Not affiliated with the company, just...
  2. pkt77242

    Spectacular Settlements Kickstarter by Nord Games

    Just wanted to say that there is a great Kickstarter out there, Spectacular Settlements by Nord Games. I have backed a few of their Kickstarters and I have found that their products are really...
  3. pkt77242

    D&D 5E 3rd party publishers and 5E

    One of the most common complaints that I see about 5E is the lack of options. So I wanted to start a thread that had two main purposes, one if you feel that 5E doesn't have enough options for you, do you buy and allow 3 party materials? If not, why not? And for anyone (both those who feel that...
  4. pkt77242

    D&D 5E Nord Games: Ultimate NPCs Warfare Kickstarter

    Nord Games launched a Kickstarter for Ultimate NPCs Warfare a few days ago, and it has already funded.
  5. pkt77242

    D&D 5E Dungeons on Demand Volume 4 Kickstarter I was wondering if anyone joined in on the previous Kickstarters (or bought it off drivethru) for volume 1, 2 and/or 3? What were you thoughts? What level of quality are the...
  6. pkt77242

    D&D 5E Returning vs New vs Current player

    As a returning player (I have mostly played 1e, 2e, and a small amount of 3e), I was wondering how many other players are returning after being away for a while and how many players are new and of course how many are still going strong. Also if you are a returning player, what in particular is...