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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Dead Man’s Rust, Opera House, WILD, and more

    These timelines with 1 to 2 years out seems to be the model across their books. I'm still waiting on M20 Technocracy rewards to come my way from last year, and I'm dissatisfied with how long things are taking. They do provide updates, but most of the kickstarter emails say 'check our weekly...
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    How Expensive is Too Expensive?

    Having read through the books and the PDFs and all the artifacts that are bundled together, its honestly a good price point for the amount of content. You're buying the whole black cube for that price. However, after playing the game? I'm not a huge fan of the many subsystems embedded within the...
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    How Expensive is Too Expensive?

    Anyone who was an original backer of the first kickstarter product got pdfs for free as an additional reward. I'm not sure about kickstarter 2 for the reprint or people who preordered the box.
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    How Expensive is Too Expensive?

    As someone who's playing in a game of Invisible Sun right now, it's not the cost for our group that's offputting. It's everything else associated with MCG and the game system itself that's been disappointing. The game system has a ton of subsystems, and the rules arent always consistent or...
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    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Sorcerer and Warlock

    The elements from this UA seems related BG3. Descent into Avernus is a prequal to BG3 and it seems like BG3 is all about mind flayers and creepy illiad stuff, just like the sorc archetype presented here. I think there might be some sort of companion book to come out supporting BG3 and these...
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    Here Are The Most Popular D&D Feats (War Caster Leads The Pack!)

    I wonder how many of these characters are used in play, or are thought experiments people do as a form of solo play to build a theoretical character.
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    Monte Cook Games Announced Its 5E Project: Arcana of the Ancients

    I'll see what the reviews look like after the book comes out. There are a ton of concurrent kickstarters and game books that Monte Cook is putting out in the next year to two years, I'm concerned about fulfillment of later kickstarters.
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    Staring Directly Into the Invisible Sun -- A Review

    I've been playing remote for a group that plays at the table for this game, and I have very very mixed feelings about this game. Its a beautiful high end product with cool themes and concepts, but I absolutely dislike the fact The Way isn't a digital book for easy reference. There are two...
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    Baldur's Gate Designer Leaves Bioware To Form D&D Publishing Company

    If he's been there since BG1, he's likely a double digit employee, which means he had stock options or equity that got turned into cash when EA bought Bioware. He's likely retiring and a group of friends are working on joint RPG projects they've been working on again / off again for years and...
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    Best Campaigns to convert into 5e? Suggestions Please!

    I've heard really great things about the Freeport adventures and I have the Pathfinder copy of the setting that I need to dive into. Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne have both been published as hardback adventures, and very easy to get ahold of. If you play with minis, the...
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    D&D 5E My house-rules for extreme weather and sleeping in armor

    I would consider making travel in extreme weather a scaling skill challenge using inspiration from 4e rules. As a part of the consequences for failing rolls, you can inflict levels of exhaustion as the party travels. Carrying the gear appropriate for the locale can provide advantage on their...
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    D&D 5E Members of a King's Council?

    Also, the king's council might cycle periodically to represent the shifts in political climate. If the kingdom is going to war, members of the court might ascend to fill specific needs / obligations. The ruling council should represent the scope of the court: larger courts with sprawling...
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    D&D 5E 10HP Bonus for Level 1 Characters. Thoughts?

    I just ran my party of 4 players through their first session at level 1, and things could have gone super south super fast. My dice were really hot that night, so I fudged my dice behind the screen into misses. If you're against fudging your dice, you can just give players more HP. I would also...
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    D&D 5E Multiclassing

    Just talk to your players ahead of time and see what they want to mutliclass as. What kind of thematic character do they want to build towards mechanically? I'm running a rouge (AT) / wizard, and I explicitly wanted to represent a fae-aligned arcane thief / researcher who has more flexibility...
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    Does the swordmage marking power suck?

    ...the swordmage mark is rather amazing compared to the other classes. Mind you, I haven't played a warden or looked at it much, as my preference is clearly for the swordmage. Firstly, the shielding mark is by far the strongest of the bunch. You sit back attacking other foes while the primary...
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    Why are there no sneaky leaders?

    I hear you not having a sneaky leader, but right now I'm building an artificer for a game that employs the crossbow / con build, but multiclassing rogue for thievery and using my eladrin racial to pick up stealth. Supplementing skills with magic items, and perhaps a stat boost or two, and you...
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    New Cleave feat question

    Blustering strike will be better for the battlerager, as the feat (need to reread my dragon AFB...) does not likely grant cleave the invirgoring keyword. Any temp hp gained will not stack with that gained through the variant class feature. That's not to say its good for your standard fighter...
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    Into the Lion's Den (Dealing with extreme prejudice in game)

    Depending on what you want to do with your campaign, this sounds like a serious side quest in the making. The elf alone has a lot of storyline implications depending on his class and attachment to his kingdom. Was he in the military? Have family members died fighting the humans of this kingdom...
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    Question for those who played the "Baldur's Gate" cRPGs (spoilers)

    Since gods have their crazy super-divine powers and actually create the world, you can do whatever you please. I think Bhaal shifted into various races all across the world trying to produce an offspring that would inherit his divine power after the Time of Trouble so that he might survive. Did...
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    What I Learnt From Last Night's Session

    Completely agree. There should be a feat that enables a person to get access to a limited animal companion list at 1/2 their character level (just like the ranger). A druid could not take the feat, but a ranger could, boosting their animal companion level to their level instead of 1/2 their...