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    OOTS #616 is up

    Belker continues to grow Here
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    Please help my dragon hatch

    The more unique visits my Dragon egg gets the sooner it will hatch So please click the egg
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    When Do the Gen Con planning threads start?

    Sorry if I'm early, It'll be my first one and I'm excited. :D
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    Erfworld 91, This one is worth checking

    Link This one works as a stand alone
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    Time Magazine names Erfworld to Top Ten

    Time Magazine names Erfworld one of the Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2007 Congratulations to Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi.
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    Saved from the crash: Intellifilter

    Morrus 04-01-06, 06:09 AM Because EN World has grown to a size where we feel that moderation of the boards is putting too much strain on the Admins and Moderators here, we've installed a new modification which we believe will help make these forums a generally friendlier place. The...
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    Attention S.C. Dog Lovers

    A friend of mine is involved with animal rescue, they have a dog in florida, and they found a family in Pennsilvania to take the dog, but they need help transporting the dog. There is 1 leg of the trip left Leg 5 - Saturday, March 10, 2007 Santee, SC, to Florence, SC 3:20 p.m. - 4:35 p.m. 66...
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    Return of the Radio Drama (Podcast)

    I just just spent the past 2 days checking out Second Shift's podcasts. It is a 13 episode audio drama, telling the story of 3 college students from Boston, who end up being mysteriously summoned to the magical land of Lundi. The story arch is complete, Although it has an end of season...
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    Pandemonium Books & Games (Cambrige Ma) In Danger Of Going Under!

    One of the major FLGS' in the Boston area is Pandemonium Books & Games. Unfortunately the move to the new location caused a cash flow problem. The owner thinks that if 1000 people buy a Pandemonium Books & Games T-shirt then he can get caught up. For more info click the link...
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    It's just another day...

    or is it?
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    Individual World Poetry Slam

    I keep talking about my brother Brian, and his poetry. The reason I do this is that he is really good. While I admit I am biased, other people seem to agree with me because last night HE WON the Cantab Lounge Finals, to represent Boston at the Individual World Poetry Slam competition in...
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    Happy Birthday KahunaBurger

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    Attention Chicago & Colmbus ENWorlders

    I'm going to be visiting Chicago on vacation from Friday, October 13th to Friday, October 20th. So what is fun to do in Chicago? Anyone interested in meeting up? Note: I am already planning to visit Games Plus on Thursday the 19th for their boardgame night, and yes I am aware that the Chicago...
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    Not exactly an ENWorld Bug

    I find I can't log into my Gmail account. I was wondering if ENWorld is getting a bounceback from my thread subscription notifications (which would mean that Gmail is down) or not (which means that my company has decided to block google)
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    Do Subscriptions Expire?

    I noticed today that the number of threads I am subscribed to, which was about 50 after the crash, is now about 10. For example I was subscriber to my "Central Mass. Gameday" thread (from 07-18-05), and I never unsubscribed, but I don't have a subscription to it now.
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    An article on group dynamics of online communities

    Something I came across today. I thought this "core group" might find interesting. A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
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    Anybody I know going to Dragoncon?

    If you run into someone named Sue, say nice things about me
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    Any Canadians willing to fill out a survey?

    A friend of mine apocalypticbob wants a moose T-shirt. To get the T-Shirt requires a Canadian filling out a survey, Unfortunately she is not a Canadian, So if any Canadians out there are willing to fill out the survey then click her screenname for more info
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    Happy Birthday Kirinke

    There are rumors that there is a 3 involved with this one. :uhoh: Just remember, birthdays are the perfect excuse to act totally immature (although for me it's never an act.) :D
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    What's wrong with me?

    Back before Enword crashed, I had a thread entitled "My wife is moving out". It has now been 2 months since she moved out, and she says that she is definately not coming back. So should I take the hint? Should I keep looking for a way to make it work? Should I admit I failed? How do you know...