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  1. Talltomwright

    D&D 5E House Rule: Using Concentration to remain Conscious at 0hp. Feedback wanted!

    I’d really appreciate some feedback on a house rule. There have been several posts over the years trying to do the same thing, but here’s my variation. Dying over several rounds in a pool of your own blood isn’t the kind of ending I would like for my PCs, and it doesn't match the fiction I...
  2. Talltomwright

    D&D 5E Dungeon Crawl Rules

    So I've been coming across a running theme recently, of how 5e lacks a clear procedure for handling a dungeon crawl. See here for example: While it should only take me 15 minutes to sit down and adapt these rules to 5e a) I'm really lazy b) I love using things other people have actually...
  3. Talltomwright

    D&D General Masque of the Red Death/Whispers in the Dark

    Has anyone ever played low-magic Gothic or Lovecraftian horror using D&D variants such as Masque of the Red Death (2e or 3e) or the new Whispers in the Dark? I’m not trying to restart that the ‘can D&D do horror’ debate as I’m pretty sure it can - albeit a form of heroic horror where your heroes...
  4. Talltomwright

    D&D 5E Session Zero/One Page for BG:DiA

    My group of first-time players are finally nearing the end of Princes of the Apocalypse and I've started to drop hints at the next campaign, which I'm planning to be BG:DiA. They've been playing the pre-gens from LMoP so this will be their first time creating characters and even though we've not...