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    Level Up (A5E) Help with Maneuver Rules

    I'm totally confused by the maneuver wording and need help with the interpretation. For example, in Stunning Assault, the description reads: “When you activate this technique, you take the Attack action and make a weapon attack, as well as any additional attacks granted by Extra Attack” Does...
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    Level Up (A5E) Rules Clarification: Help Action

    Do you need to be within 5 feet of the enemy or ally in order to use the Help Action to help an ally attack a creature? The Help Action States: You can also help a friendly creature in attacking a creature. You must be able to target the creature with an attack, or otherwise threaten it. If...
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    Epic Level Spellcraft DCs

    Am I missing something or does it seem impossible to have enough Spellcraft to cast some of the Epic level spells? How does one go about getting their spellcraft over 100?
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    Creating Intelligent Items

    I have a player that wants to create an intelligent Robe of Eyes and I am allowing him to choose its powers. 1) What would be the DC of the lesser or greater powers? 2) Do Powers that normally require an attack roll (Dimensional Anchor) automatically strike the target? Thanks in advance
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    Dispel Magic in a Ring o' Counterspells?

    1) can a person place a dispel magic in a Ring of Counterspells 2) If an incoming targeted dispel hits the wearer of the Ring of Counterspells (with dispel magic in the ring), does the wearer have to make a caster level check v.s. the targeted dispel? Or is it just automatically countered.
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    Time Travel

    For the conclusion of my Forgotten Realms campaign, I plan on sending the party 1000 years back in time to a point where their enemy was less powerful and easier to defeat. Does anyone have suggestions or rules for time travel? I think it poses a unique challenge to both players and DM's and...
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    When Beholders Attack

    For some reason, Beholders stump me as a DM. The Monster Manual states that "Once each round, during its turn, the beholder decides which way it will face and whether the antimagic cone is active or not" When during its turn is this decided? Can it use its eye rays and then turn on the...
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    Death Effects--ideas anyone?

    I just finished reading the first Dragonlance novel and loved how the Draconians each had a magical ability when they died. Some turned to stone, others a puddle of acid, some even exploded. This gave me a nice idea for adding these effects to new or existing monsters. Doing so would add a...