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  1. GuyBoy

    The Mask of Mask - a new story hour (updated 11/26/2022)

    The world looks fascinating. The whole story about warehouses of food stuffed for political/economic power brought back my old high school politics teacher talking about Henri de Saint Simon witnessing grain ships waiting offshore during a famine till prices rose high enough. His world didn’t...
  2. GuyBoy

    The Mask of Mask - a new story hour (updated 11/26/2022)

    This is superb. Love the politics mixed with the gaming; makes the campaign setting real.
  3. GuyBoy

    The Mask of Mask - a new story hour (updated 11/26/2022)

    This looks great. Will follow with interest and thank you for taking the time to share.
  4. GuyBoy

    D&D 5E Choose 3 to protect you (a poll)

    The four 20th level adventurers give so much powerful flexibility, particularly if they know what they’re facing and can “ spell up” accordingly. The red dragon gives awesome AoE and the Solars are so powerful. Would be a tough fight but I’d be confident in my team. Great thread concept btw.
  5. GuyBoy

    D&D General So which 2e adventures are beloved?

    Night Below was superb. Return to the Tomb of Horrors was so dark and creepy. I loved it.
  6. GuyBoy

    D&D General Greyhawk map by Deven Rue

    I like your analogy: FR is the city park. There are paved walkways, an ice cream van, toilet facilities, lots of people and “don’t walk on the grass” signs. Plenty of benches to sit on to drink your cappuccino. Greyhawk is the wilder bit of a national park. You sit on a fallen log to drink your...
  7. GuyBoy

    D&D 5E What do you need for Dark Sun that is already out there?

    Really loving all the ideas for @TheSword ’s Dark Sun game. I’m lucky enough to be one of his players and can’t wait. And love the synchronicity of the psionics suggestion coming from @Steampunkette since I’m also lucky enough to play in her Scorpion Age game. Rob meet Rachel Rachel meet Rob...
  8. GuyBoy

    In Secret Of The Slaver's Stockade The Pcs can rescue A Duke's Nephew, would The Duke let his daughter marry A Future King who is also A Thief?

    She’d be his Duchess, Duchess Duchess, Duchess Duchess, Duchess Duchess, Duchess And the Rodney’s are queuing up. (Bit more obscure musically, please don’t strangle me!)
  9. GuyBoy

    WotC WotC's Chris Perkins On D&D's Inclusivity Processes Going Forward

    I was going to add my two cents worth but, since I’m British, it had better be my tuppence worth: Penny 1: Respect to WOTC for doing exactly the right thing. Penny 2: Respect to the moderators here for doing exactly the right thing.
  10. GuyBoy

    Recommend me an old school campaign

    I’ve DM-ed Necropolis, Northlands and Razor Coast and would recommend each of them very highly. As to choosing between them; it’s more about what style of campaign ( Ancient Egypt, Pirate or Viking) that your group prefer. Necropolis is actually Gygax, so that might swing it. I’ve played...
  11. GuyBoy

    D&D General Settings with Story

    I had a poor experience as a player in a Dragonlance game where the DM adhered to the point of absurdity in railroading us to fit the “story.” I’m conscious that it’s only one game but it’s certainly put me off anything Dragonlance. Similarly, I’m not too keen on FR due to so much being written...
  12. GuyBoy

    D&D General A tour of each and every TSR/D&D release

    Thank you @darjr for taking the time to post this wonderful thread.
  13. GuyBoy

    D&D General A tour of each and every TSR/D&D release

    I think I’ve run Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, in various iterations, more than any other adventure. It’s certainly flawed but it will always be number one in my heart for gaming.
  14. GuyBoy

    D&D General Rank the Goodman Games Reincarnated series

    I own Borderlands and initially bought it to scratch the nostalgia itch of both playing and running the original decades ago. In the event, I’ve ended up running it as an old school “filler game” for my face-to-face group in the event that someone can’t make a session. It’s gone down really well...
  15. GuyBoy

    D&D General Johnny Stanton interview: Inside the Elite NFL D&D club

    Looks great. NFL is the greatest sport in the world (apart from rugby, of course!) and D&D is the greatest game. They mesh!
  16. GuyBoy

    Dragon Reflections #61

    Thanks once again for this article. Like you, I made liberal use of Urdlen as an evil deity in my campaign at the time.
  17. GuyBoy

    Homebrew A Leveled Up Bestiary

    Best wishes both for getting better and the writing projects.
  18. GuyBoy

    Homebrew A Leveled Up Bestiary

    If you ever make it over, let me know. I’ll show you some Roman ruins, Iron Age forts, Neolithic burial sites and (of course) medieval castles in the London/SE region. Genuine offer. Alnwick is in the NE, but definitely worth a visit ( Bamburgh Castle is close to it as well as Hadrian’s Wall)
  19. GuyBoy

    Homebrew A Leveled Up Bestiary

    The Bloodflower is a beautiful monster. Truly scary. Alnwick Castle in UK has a wonderful Poison Garden, full of (as the name suggests) dangerous plants. The Bllodflower would fit in just fine to a fantasy version.