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    Pathfinder 2E The Glass Cannon podcast moving to Pathfinder 2E

    I think they were in the middle of a 1st edition campaign when 2nd edition released and it's just now they are finishing up and ready to play something new.
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    Pathfinder 2E How fast are your combats in online play?

    I feel the number of players have far more to say then the level. Two sessions ago we had two missing players (we are usually six), and we got a lot of stuff done. We also got to start an hour earlier than usual, so we got in 5 hours. Adding in some roleplaying, some talking about computer games...
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    Pathfinder 2E Another Deadly Session, and It's Getting Old

    I run an Age of Ashes campaign and play in a Extinction Curse campaign. In AoA we've had 3 deaths so far. Once in Adventure 2 (2 deaths in the same encounter) and once in adventure 3. We are currently in adventure 4 and there we've so far had one close call due to a huge tactical error by the...
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    Pathfinder 2E TPK is the only way to kill a character?

    My group has gotten to level 11 and have had 3 deaths so far. They are far more likely to spend hero point to avoid getting into a situation where death saves are needed. Often saving throws or attack rolls vs foes that looks very battered. Last session I had to characters down to dying and...
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    When Pandemic Isn't Just a Game

    Our group turned our weekly game to roll20 yesterday and it worked great. And we only had two days notice from when we decided to use it. This weekend, since we now know the program and has a bit more experience with it we can hopefully use it more effective.