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    D&D 5E Chronicles of Eberron Is Keith Baker's New D&D Book, out now!

    Thank you for the reference to Map Perilous. I've just bought it, and it's so awesome it's actually made me want to run a 5th edition game so I can try out some of the NPCs (I usually play Pathfinder). I've already got the Eberronicon, which is a great overview of the setting.
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    D&D General So which 2e adventures are beloved?

    I ran The Shattered Circle in Pathfinder as a prequel adventure to the Second Darkness adventure path, and I enjoyed it a lot. The players enjoyed it as well, although their favourite moment was actually a happy accident - they were being pursued by a gibbering mouther or something, and it fell...
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    Dragonlance Did you play Dragonlance using the pregens?

    The Dragonlance modules also require you to split the party into two groups part of the way through, with each group having separate adventures and then meeting up again at the end. As I understand it, each player has to run two characters, one in each group. (The players get to choose which...
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    Dragonlance Did you play Dragonlance using the pregens?

    Played a couple of modules as the pregens, although the DM kept Raistlin as a DMPC. He told me I was playing Caramon wrong, since I saw my "big brother" role as getting Rasitlin to shape up and stop being such a whinger. Apparently I should have been more "supportive". Only the DM had read any...
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    Rivers of London, RuneQuest Gods, Regency Cthulhu Coming Soon From Chaosium

    I've only read the first 3 or so books, but one of the things that I really didn't like was the "fey" basically enslaving people who accepted hospitality from them. (For example, a man accepted a cup of tea when he came to read the meter and apparently never got to see his wife and children...
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    What book would you like to see become a movie/mini-series?

    Presumably you mean the Book of the New Sun? I've never seen it referred to as the "Torturer" series before (although that might just be me). It would work well as a travelogue, but I think most of the nuance would be missed in a TV show. Although, since Gene Wolf, is way too clever for me, I...
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    GM Partiality. To be, or not to be...

    I agree with pretty much everyone else in that I think you made the right decision. My only query is whether the Travellers were sufficiently aware of the likely consequences if they did stop the ship in-system, so they could at least consider temporarily letting it get away so they could deal...
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    D&D 5E Where are the heirs to the 32 page adventure format?

    That's my preferred way to play too (and you put it much better than I would have). However, I can see how other people might want to play differently.
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    D&D 5E Where are the heirs to the 32 page adventure format?

    Dungeon Age do some excellent 5th edition adventures which might be what you are looking for.
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    Pathfinder 2E Kingmaker Preorders Open

    As I remember it, the Pathfinder 1E stuff was an unexpected bonus, since they raised so much money. I backed it not expecting to get anything for P1, which is the game system I actually play. I've received all of the PDFs, but I'm not sure what print products will be turning up in due course. I...
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    Quantum Leap Reboot (spoilers allowed)

    Yeah, we took it for granted that an American show would focus on American stuff, and make little or no concessions to foreign viewers. Which is perfectly fine - Quantum Leap may have been the first time I'd even heard of Buddy Holly; I learnt a lot from watching it. It does make me a little...
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    Pathfinder 2E Kingmaker Preorders Open

    I backed it when they crowdfunded it on Indiegogo Game On which was so long ago I can't remember how much I paid. Looking at the pre-order prices, I suspect it was a lot! I'm a sucker for hard-back compilations of adventure paths I already own. EDIT - got the platform wrong
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    D&D 5E What requested rules change have you refused to change?

    As a player, or as the DM? If the latter, that severely restricts your monster choices.
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    D&D 5E Context Switching Paralysis, or Why we Will Always Have the Thief Debate

    I once played in an adventure where the villain was wielding twin magical rods that made him much more powerful than he otherwise would be. I decided the logical thing to do would be to attempt to disarm him, despite not having Improved Disarm. The first 3 times he hit me with the attack of...
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    Feat Chains are Incompatible with Easy CharGen + 1st Lev Feats

    Whirlwind attack? They weren't even trying! How do you like this feat from Pathfinder 1st edition, which basically allows you to ignore the penalties from Combat Expertise once per round when you parry? (Note that to use this feat to its full potential, you also need Combat Expertise, which is...
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    Dungeons and Dragons future? Ray Winninger gives a nod to Mike Shea's proposed changes.

    From what I remember, the 3.5 rewrite suffered from a lot of "mission creep" and was initially intended just to clear up a few rules, make a couple of classes a bit more interesting and maybe nerf the Haste spell. Then the Pathfinder "re-write" changed lots of things (we were still finding...
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    When thinning down the collection, what to keep and why?

    As I understand it, it means looking through your collection for things you accidentally bought twice, plus any printed-out PDFs that you no longer need to keep (either because you've now acquired the printed version, or the reason you needed a hard copy has passed), whilst making notes of any...
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    Paizo Short Pathfinder Adventure Recommandations

    You could run the "Before the Dawn" duo of adventures from (1st edition) Pathfinder Society season 2 - #02-01 Bloodcove Disguise and #02-02 Rescue at Azlant Ridge. They can be run at any level from 1 to 7. Basically the PCs are in Bloodcove and are asked to head out into the jungle to rescue an...
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    D&D General "When I DM I do my Best to Curb Players Meta-Gaming or Using Out-of-Character Knowledge." (a poll)

    Is it the player characters who have to tone it down, or the players? Metagaming can be hard to define, but an out-of-character comment such as "Ranulf the mayor of Triboar is actually a dwarf, not a human. I bet this (human) guy turns out to be an imposter!" isn't metagaming in my book (but...
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    D&D General "When I DM I do my Best to Curb Players Meta-Gaming or Using Out-of-Character Knowledge." (a poll)

    So how did you vote? I voted "False" since I encourage the "good" metagaming and discourage the "bad" metagaming. I assume everyone else does the same, in practice, except we all disagree on what constitutes metagaming in the first place. I mean, if a player character has died, and the player...