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    Pathfinder 2E How is Pathfinder doing?

    Correct, Paizo didn’t just figure out how to write a good PF2 AP, because they already knew how to write great APs. And Abomination Vaults combined their innovation and narrative skills with an old fashioned dungeon crawl; a genre that PF2 does very well indeed. Hence its popularity. 5e lacks...
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    Pathfinder 2E Humble RPG Bundle: Pathfinder Second Edition Strength of Thousands by Paizo

    So in my experience it is extremely well balanced. (But perhaps our expectations of ‘well balanced’ aren’t equivalent.) Perhaps if the GM is playing optimally and the players decidedly sub-optimally, like using all three actions to attack, or not knowing exactly what their characters can do, I...
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    Pathfinder 2E Humble RPG Bundle: Pathfinder Second Edition Strength of Thousands by Paizo

    Yeah quite a few of my players’ characters have died through mishaps, foolhardiness, or bad luck. Fortunately that bothers us not at all. We’re big on stakes and consequences. (Though I’m also free and easy with hero points and they’re used a lot for rerolls where bad rolls would ruin the fun.)
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    Vampire and other worlds of darkness

    I never really got into the old world of darkness games from the 90s. I always found the writing ridiculous and the ‘we’re role players, not roll players’ stuff to be tiresome. The only thing rolling was my eyes. There was even a sidebar in Dark Ages Mage called ‘ye olde twinkery’ that told the...
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    The GM is Not There to Entertain You

    I’m pretty much the forever GM. And I acknowledge that my job is to do almost all the work in bringing the fun. I need to provide the story hooks, NPC interactions, fun scenarios, opportunities for loot and advancement — basically the whole framework for the fun. The one thing I expect from my...
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    Pathfinder 2E Paizo Officially Supporting Foundry, Free Content Ending

    So much agreed. And I’ve always found it bemusing to see the behavior of a plurality of people in a bunch of sectors of the consumer economy. There’s this expectation that everything should come for free, or if not free then extremely cheap with unrealistic bang-for-buck. That if I’m paying you...
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    D&D 5E Paizo's 'The Abomination Vaults' Pathinder AP Coming to 5E

    This is great news. I ran AV in its entirety in PF2 and it went down great. It's serious but has some welcome moments of wry levity, and the encounters were exciting. Glad it see it's being ported over to the huge audience of 5e, and it should be welcome amongst some of the newer players there...
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    Pathfinder 2E What Would You Like to see from a PF2e Compatible Publisher?

    I know this is an enormous lift, but I’d love to see a new campaign setting for PF2. Golarion is fine but having something more focused and less kitchen-sink-y would be amazing.
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    Pathfinder 2E The Pathfinder Subform Is Definitely Dead - So What?

    I’ve found some excellent discussion over on reddit, with people posting their experiences and characters. I do like this site, but there just aren’t a whole lot of fans of the system here. There are a lot of people here saying, in various degrees of detail, ‘here’s why PF2 is dead.’ But this...
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    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder Nexus is the Official Toolset for PF2E

    Looks really great. Could be just what I need to manage parties of characters.
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    Paizo Paizo Workers Unionize

    The rules lite systems you cited are no more ‘modern’.
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    Paizo Paizo Workers Unionize

    WoTC is the biggest player and they already use almost completely freelance labor. Their number of actual employees is tiny
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    Pathfinder 2E Looks like I will be running a PF2e game in a few weeks...suggestions?

    I couldn't say how many undecided new players peruse this particular forum, but I'm going to guess not many ;) Edition warring is as old as dirt and people love to do it. (I've avoided going on to the dnd forums to proclaim how the 5th edition's classes and levels all manage to feel exactly...
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    Pathfinder 2E PF2: Second Attempt Post Mortem

    What? Anyway, it's unfortunate that PF2 didn't work out for you guys. My group of complete newbie players love the system and the stories we're telling with it. Just so much of it is inspirational, the skills and options provide a huge framework for creativity, and the encounters play fast and...
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    The problem with Evil races is not what you think

    Yeah, as the years have gone by, I've come more and more to the view that there's simply no room for 'humanoids'. The problems just run too deep. The next game I run will be all humans, all the time. The enemies will either be humans or literal monsters of alien or demonic motivation that are...
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    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder's Mwangi Expanse Contents Page

    Looks very promising. I'll head down to my game store and pick one up. Hoping to expand my gaming horizons a bit.
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    The Hidden Costs of Game Mastering

    A thousand times this. I've grown to absolutely detest playing online, even more than I detest the Slack-and-Zoom remote work meeting treadmill. Nuance gets lost, silly misunderstandings get exaggerated, people speak over each other, lag is a bitch, there's no immediacy. Enough. I GM in person...
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    D&D 5E Are humanoid mono-cultures being replaced with the Rule of Three?

    Probably. Designers are trying to avoid stereotyping which is fine. I personally think it's missing the point. Humanoids don't need to have real-world-esque layers and complexity, because they're not real world. There's no depth to explore, and there doesn't need to be. Ultimately, everyone's...