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    Where is the strangest place you have played an RPG?

    I know! Back then, it would have been awesome! Of course, I was in high school, so I was indestructible. Nowadays, I look back with horror, and wonder how we didn't get shot or arrested.
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    Where is the strangest place you have played an RPG?

    On a train. Going from Berlin to the western part of Germany. BEFORE the Wall came down (in other words, we were going through East Germany). No, it wasn't an espionage game (I shudder to think what the border guards would have made of that).
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    OOTS 974

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    D&D 5E Unexpected but (mostly) awesome new rules in Basic

    First, on topic to the thread: I liked how they did spell preparation and spell slots. It seems to have the best of both worlds, combining the tactical decision-making of preparing spells ahead of time with the flexibility of using the slots only at the time of casting. I'll have to see it in...
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    Do you play any kind of lottery?

    I don't buy lottery tickets. But I do pick them up if I find them lying on the ground. No, I'm not kidding. My state has a "Second Chance" drawing for non-winning scratch-off games (and, now, some of the Lotto-type games). It's amazing how many of these I find. I figure it's worth the ten...
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    OotS 925 is up

    Seriously? Now that's just plain cheating!
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    OotS 917

    Now we have some high-level action! Love the move by Roy in panel 3!
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    OotS 910

    Where? I don't see any ninjas! ;) More seriously, they look like the standard Kingdom of Blood soldiers, with helmets on.
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    For Bacon Lovers...Presenting the "BACO"!

    I've actually had the East German coke-substitute stuff! EEEWWWWW!!! Maybe that's the real reason the Wall came down! :) On-topic: Yeah, that looks kinda disgusting. I like bacon well enough, but an entire taco wrapped in it? No. Just, No. But, that's just my opinion. If you like it, go...
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    Empire of the Petal Throne (Original Manuscript Draft) available on Drive Thru

    The link above doesn't work, but this one does:
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    Two subscriptions running at the same time?

    It is done. Thanks, Morrus!
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    D&D 1E 1e The World of Greyhawk...reprint WotC

    That is a truly heart-wrenching sight for any true WoG fan. I feel your pain.
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    Two subscriptions running at the same time?

    Help! I upgraded to a Silver subscription in December, and now I have BOTH the Copper and Silver subscriptions running at the same time! With my account being charged for both! Now, I don't mind giving EN World some extra money (after all, that's why I upgraded, not to mention contributed to...
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    Electronic copies of Dragon and Polyhedron now available from

    You have to click on each individual entry on the list of issues. That will bring up a screen which gives you a choice of file type to download. You then right-click on the name of the file type you want, then do "Save As". Hypothetically speaking, of course. If I were to have downloaded...
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    Order of the Stick on hiatus

    My God. I wish, hope, and pray for his complete recovery.
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    1E Unearthed Arcana Reprint?

    What I'd REALLY like to see a reprint of (other than the "little brown books" and supplements thereof) is Deities and Demigods. Either with or without the Lovecraftian mythos in it. That, and the World of Greyhawk boxed set. I know it's crazy expensive to produce boxed sets nowadays (and...
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    Order of the Stick 859: Smoked

    I liked the subtle things in this one. Like Durkon's spell vocalization just being the word "Holy", and the quote marks around "Thog". Keep 'em coming, Rich!
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    REAL Old Grognards: Need Help!

    He could also be thinking about a fantasy-themed board game. I know SPI and Avalon Hill published several. I don't know the timing. When was the first War of the Ring board game published?
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    OotS #854 is up! "Not Much Chance of That"

    I actually did know that (I was a backer of the Kickstarter). However, I figured they would be done with that whole business by now (seeing as the "Kick-Belkar-starter" was done). Besides, I was just trying to be silly. EDIT: I looked it up, and yep, you're right, a previous Kickstarter...
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    OotS #854 is up! "Not Much Chance of That"

    HA! I love Sabine's final line! Slightly off topic: Did you notice the Kickstarter graphic at the bottom of the page? The one where the entire group is waving and saying "Thanks Everyone!"? That is, the entire group except for Vaarsuvius and Belkar. The question is, why aren't they there...