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  1. Lycurgon

    Does anyone else think that 1D&D will create a significant divide in the community?

    I'm not saying it will but that it could. Part of me thinks that the changes we are seeing will be scaled back due to negative feedback and not be as many big proposed changes that we have seen so far in the playtest material. But if the level of changes (or something close) that we are seeing...
  2. Lycurgon

    D&D 5E What interesting niche do Gnomes have in your Homebrew Campaigns?

    I am interested in what place Gnomes fill in your campaign worlds? Is it different from standard Gnomes as Depicted in the PHB? I often have difficulty finding an interesting niche for Gnomes in my campaigns world. I don't like the tinker Gnome stereotype, I think that an entire (sub)race of...
  3. Lycurgon

    D&D 5E What player options do you think classic settings can bring to 5e?

    There has been a lot of speculation about what classic settings might make a comeback soon or later for 5e. It is a fact that player content sells books. So any setting that gets brought back will likely have to have some player options to sell well. So I thought a more focused discuss on just...