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    Two subscriptions running at the same time?

    Help! I upgraded to a Silver subscription in December, and now I have BOTH the Copper and Silver subscriptions running at the same time! With my account being charged for both! Now, I don't mind giving EN World some extra money (after all, that's why I upgraded, not to mention contributed to...
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    OotS 852

    A new Order of the Stick is up: OotS 852 EDIT: I finally got to post one of these! YAY!
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    Comparison: Runup to 4e vs. runup to 5e

    Hi everyone. I have a fascination with the way WOTC has handled the buildup to the release of the newest edition of D&D, and how different it is compared to how 4th edition D&D was previewed. As I recall, with 4e, both the official WOTC publicity and the public's reaction to it was quite...
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    D&D 4E Comparing notes: Differences in play experience in 4e

    It has been stated many times here and other places that in 1st edition AD&D, the actual play experience that different groups had were vastly different from other groups playing the same game (for various reasons). My question is: Are we seeing the same phenomenon in 4th edition? That is...
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    First Edition feel with 4E rules

    Partially in response to this thread, I wish to ask the assembled ENWorlders this: How could one create a game with the feel of AD&D 1e while still using the 4th edition rule set? Is it even possible?
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    Can I edit XP comments after they are posted?

    Hi. I just made a silly little typo in an experience point comment I posted, and wanted to quickly correct it. I can't figure out how to edit comments after posting them. Will someone help me, please? Thanks!
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    Downloading subscribers content problem

    Hi there. I have a problem downloading subscriber's content. Whenever I try to do so, the filename always ends up being "local_links.php". In addition, it is not a usable file (being a .php rather than a .pdf). The only work-around I have found is to open the file in the browser (by...
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    Suggestion: No April Fools prank this year, please. (Forked Thread: About Reveille)

    Forked from: About Reveille In light of the situation regarding Reveille, I humbly suggest that EN World NOT do the traditional April Fools prank this year. I know it's sad and disappointing, because many people enjoy them. I also think that too many people's emotions will still be running...
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    Rules light 3.x non retro-clone d20? (Forked Thread: D&D has a lot of rules!)

    Forked from: D&D has a lot of rules! My group has been struggling with the D&D 3.x rules for some time now. We have a campaign where the main characters are at least 16th level, so things are REALLY bogging down. Is there a rules-light version of d20/3.x D&D out there that would play well...
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    How do I handle: 2 players want same game, but won't play with each other?

    I have a problem, and would like your advise. I am starting a new game. Both player A and player B want to play, but player A said he has problems with, and will not play in the same game as, player B. Both of these people are my friends. How do I handle this? Thank you.