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  1. Phenomen

    Dragonlance DRAGONLANCE is coming this year!

    It looks more mature and gritty than FR and Eberror, let alone Critical Role and MTG settings.
  2. Phenomen

    Blog (A5E) Level Up: Now on FOUNDRY VTT!

    I love how the character sheet looks – so clean and much better designed than DnD5 one. Great work, @PhilBest Incompatibility with 5e is not a big deal since I find Midi QOL and other modules to be overkill with its complexity and full automation. But the lack of content modules hurts... Can't...
  3. Phenomen

    Level Up (A5E) Level Up in 2022

    Can't wait for Foundry VTT character sheet, so I can actually play it :) Also I would buy premium VTT conversions if those were available (and no doubt many other people would too).
  4. Phenomen

    Roll20's Latest Numbers: Cthulhu Holding Strong!

    Foundry VTT is a way to go for PF2 games. It has much more automation + good UI + completely free SRD of every single PF2 supplement and adventure with pre-made tokens (creatures), items, spells, etc.
  5. Phenomen

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Iron Kingdoms, Gods of Metal, Torg Eternity, and more

    The Gaia Project just launched its Kickstarter. Shep is an SLA Industries / Terminator writer so you can expect some really grim cyberpunk. The Gaia Complex - A Game of Flesh and Wires
  6. Phenomen

    News Digest for the Week of January 8

    "Runner resource book" with no options for runners and 160 pages of lore fluff for gamemaster. Catalyst in nutshell.
  7. Phenomen

    D&D 5E What would happen if we got rid of opportunity attacks

    I like how an attack of opportunity is a class feature in the PF2. Very few monsters have it, and only a few martial player classes have access to it. It makes combat more fluid (especially if you use grid).
  8. Phenomen

    [VOTING IS OVER!] Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2021!

    Ah, totally forgot it's a user-nominated list. Sorry :oops:
  9. Phenomen

    [VOTING IS OVER!] Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2021!

    #1 SLA Industrie 2e s is the most anticipated game for me. Great rules, unique, bizarre setting, cool art. It has everything my players and me love: tactical combat without minis, mission-based structure, diverse alien/mutant characters, and a crazy splatterpunk world. #2 King Arthur Pendragon...
  10. Phenomen

    Rivers of London RPG: An Interview

    Pendragon, including the new upcoming 6th edition, uses a custom ruleset (not BRP) and it's actually good. You may check a free quickstart/adventure on Chaosium website.
  11. Phenomen

    Rivers of London RPG: An Interview

    The later. It's urban fantasy in an alternative world like Dresden Files, Lockwood & Co, Liminal, Fables etc
  12. Phenomen

    Rivers of London RPG: An Interview

    "BRP" and "Fast and simple" cannot be used in the same sentence. I'm still salty after The Design Mechanism ruined Lyonesse RPG with an extremely crunchy Mythras system (BRP derivative). And new BRP-based RuneQuest is almost a meme at this point with 4 pages of mounted combat rules.
  13. Phenomen

    There's a TERMINATOR RPG Coming!

    That's cool. SLA Industries 2e is very good (mechanics, lore, art). Nightfall team is very talented.
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  15. Phenomen

    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    So which spell or feat is missing? Your answer is totally irrelevant. As I said everything in the core is already available and even more. I've just checked and all equipment, Bestiary 1/2, Gods & Magic, archetypes, race features, deities, GMG, Adventure Path, and even Pathfinder Society content...
  16. Phenomen

    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    What you want is not SRD and cannot be added legally. Also, I'm pretty sure all corebook spells and feats are there, only some parts of Lost Omens and non-SRD (e.g graphics) stuff is missing.
  17. Phenomen

    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    @Steel_Wind actually PF2 support in Foundry is miles ahead of any other VTT. It has a beautiful sheet and the whole SRD for free
  18. Phenomen

    Gen Con 2020 Is Cancelled

    Why not just postpone it to June or July? :cry: edit: I'm retarded and though it's at the end of May
  19. Phenomen

    D&D 5E Tons of Exploring Eberron Previews

    I'm running Eberron's Oracle of War campaign and my players love it. It would be nice to expand the game beyond Mourningland / Breeland in our next campaign. Thanks Keith for such an awesome setting!
  20. Phenomen

    Press RiotMinds announces Trudvang Adventures, tabletop RPG for 5E

    Finally, MonteCook and RiotMinds surrendered to 5e.