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  1. Felnar

    The Chaser's War on Gary Gygax

    whew, you had me worried i'd missed the start of the 3rd season thanks for the link
  2. Felnar

    Armor Check Penalties

    if you dont want to look up on the table, just use your -1/-4/-7 or whatever, but let the PCs use the table value (which they've recorded on their char sheet) also, when adding new skills and combining others, some classes might be deserving of more points per level, while other classes should...
  3. Felnar

    Not-So-Powerful Build? New Race question

    +4 hide is from being size small
  4. Felnar

    Difference between a concealed and secret door

    common concealed doors i've seen are behind curtains/tapestries or painted to blend in with the wall
  5. Felnar

    Thoughts on charging for game table "miniatures"

    here's my idea... Sponsors. some will pay for the figures, some wont (e.g. me) so why not get the corporations to pay for me throw a mountain dew t-shirt on that orc fig, slap the pepsi logo on that small shield in fact, when i kill the Pizza Hut Gnoll, put a dollar off coupon in the loot
  6. Felnar

    Improving the Quarterstaff

    similar to Claudius Gaius's, i would use a non-feat solution either martial weapon proficiency upgrades simple weapons somehow or create new martial versions of simple weapons (e.g. reinforced staff)
  7. Felnar

    D&D 4E 4E Exotic Weapons?

    thanks for the info grimslade to most everyone else; opinions of the merits of 3E's exotic weapons was not the intent of this thread ((sorry if that comes across meanly :\ ))
  8. Felnar

    D&D 4E 4E Exotic Weapons?

    has there been any information on 3E's exotic weapons in 4E? I completely expect to see the two-bladed sword but will the spiked chain be coming back?
  9. Felnar

    D&D Modules on Wikipedia

    my first thought was to compare it to other literary fiction but clearly i'm on drugs ;) even individual books from the "Choose your own Adventure" series have their own pages
  10. Felnar

    half as many skills - half as many skill points?

    i guess i'm against the majority here i'm all for combining some skills, and think the 2skill/level classes need a bump but i think the rogue has enough skill points already Most classes are skill starved because they have none. Rogues are skill starved because they think they should be great...
  11. Felnar

    shadow striking too powerful?

    if it auto-adjusts on the first hit (i.e. bypasses DR on first hit), whats the point of this line: "A shadow striking weapon's attunement to a particular sort of damage reduction fades 1d4 minutes after the last time it made contact with the appropriate creature."?] but for ammunition to work...
  12. Felnar

    Balancing/Creating Races (Using Green Ronin's APM) [Updated 4/18/08]

    only elves have a favored class listed (should i assume "Any"?) human is glaringly better than quarter-elf
  13. Felnar

    Skill Groups

    some combine open locks and disable device climb, swim, jump -> athletics
  14. Felnar

    I lost an eye! (or, how to handle one-eyed characters in d20) CRUNCH

    if its a character background thing, it probably shouldnt give penalties
  15. Felnar

    Everymen from Everywhere

    if you're interested in the most popular names for decades past (USA only i think) here's a pretty cool Java app
  16. Felnar

    The ultimate defensive spell

    is the 3 round casting time legit? instead of automatic subdual damage, require a DC 15 dance check (DC 10 if wearing chain parachute pants)
  17. Felnar

    Pulling an unconscious ally out of combat

    heh, i thought to myself, "maybe i should double-check that", then decided "nah" what else causes AoOs for involuntary movement? things like Gust of Wind, Telekinesis, and Setting Sun throws dont cause AoOs for involuntary movement (well, at least explicitly)
  18. Felnar

    Pulling an unconscious ally out of combat

    no AoO compare to bullrush
  19. Felnar

    What happened to Archdruids, Granddruids, etc?

    I remember back in AD&D, druids were limited to like level 12 or something the levels after that were called things like archdruid, granddruid, etc and there was a limited number of druids allowed at each rank is there anything like that in 3rd edition? Like for druids, wizards, or specific PrCs?