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    Sean Reynolds' Feat Point system

    The elitist attitudes on this board are too much. Posting here is like being in a pillary while people throw rotten vegetables at me. Since posting here I have been called every kind of bad name, regardless of what kind of position I was taking - or even if I was not taking a position at all and...
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    astro-feedback, looking for good ideas

    For starters I don't think these are especially equal. 1 skill point is pretty much the same as +1 to a skill all the time, while +1 to Diplomacy against the opposite sex is definately less than half of that. Meanwhile, a reroll of a failed save is worth about the same as a +4 bonus to that...
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    Mini HB Spell: Snake's Swiftness - Opinions?

    So it happens outside of the character's initiative order and doesn't stack with attacks they take during their normal initiative sequence? That's complete garbage. For starters, which round does it apply to? Next round, or last round? Can you not use it because you full attacked last round, or...
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    Threaten/Flank with Melee then use missiles?

    No. The "flanking position" is a transient bonus which applies only so long as the attack lasts. The definition is that one character is making a melee attack right now, while the ally opposite threatens with a melee weapon. Now it is perfectly possible for an ally who was using a ranged...
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    101 Challenges for a Druid

    5. Enemies have fled through a sewer carpetted in rats (they've left no tracks, but the rats know where they've gone - this is also solvable by a gnome). 6. An item needs to be recovered from deep underwater (a Druid can do this without preperation at 5th level). 7. An area is continuously...
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    The DM That Never Rolled

    I roll all my dice in front of the players - which has much the same effect. There's no hard and fast rule that specific palyers have to roll specific dice. The only important part is that somebody rolls the dice. -Frank
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    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] Stacking the same Meta-magic feat

    But Nail, you are forgetting Andion's own words of wisdom: Obviously, by questioning whether something is a good idea or not, and carefully evaluating its effects on the game as a whole we are just being lazy bums. Only by not asking questions can we gain new wisdom! -Frank
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    Rules not covered by the rules - bull rush

    In 1., I think the answer is that B should fall prone. The rules don't exactly say that, but it is implied from the way the rules do work. Similarly if B is being bullrushed into a wall. In 2. or 3., I think that A should have to declare an overrun on C to do that at all. That means that C can...
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    Disabling Magical Traps - Rusty Bucketeers Keep Out

    Yes. He makes a search check while within 10 feet of the edge of the alarm area. Assuming he made the DC of 26, he then finds it and then can begin "disabling" it. He then starts making disable device rolls (DC 26), if the rogue fails by 5 or more - the Alarm sounds. If the Rogue succeeds, the...
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    Longer lifespan = higher skill limits?

    In general, the longer lived races currently rock, while the shorter lived races suck. Example: Eld, Dwarf = Rock. Example 2: Halforc = Suck. While it would certainly be possible to design a game in which the longer-lived races had abilities that had the "feel" of having a lot of life...
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    Teleportation -> Conjuration using the 3.0 spells

    Well, it won't really make any difference to game balance. Both Transmutation and Conjuration are "very strong". Which is to say, you could fill every single spell slot you have at every single level with just spells from either one of those schools and have something powerful and useful to do...
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    Weapon Light Generation

    Can you think of any reason why people would choose to have their weapons not shed light? It's a choice: light or no light. And it's free either way when you make the weapon. If it's a command activation, then if you never need the light, you just never say the word - and thus I would expect...
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    Teleportation -> Conjuration using the 3.0 spells

    I've always played with Teleportation -> Conjuration. As soon as you let "Transmutation" include "Transfering an object or creature spatially and/or dimensionally" - what's to prevent you from having a Transmutation that "teleports a friendly creature into battle for 1 round/level and then...
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    Simple Question on Huge Daggers and Tiny Longswords

    That happened with size reductions in 3rd edition and 3.5. What is your point? -Frank
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    Ritual of Vitality - am I understanding this right?

    I see that you've seen the inherent problem with this ritual. The Ritual of Vitality is totally broken. It is trivial to attain an ECL equal to half again your current level. Thereafter, however, you are getting XP as the lower rate of your higher level, and to get another level you need to...
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    Question about Death Ward

    Dude, this is a 3.0 thread. In 3rd edition, Negative Energy Protection and Death Ward are completely different spells. Death Ward does not protect from inflict spells or Harm. It does not stop negative energy levels from accumulating. It just stops you from being subject to [death] effects...
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    Sean Reynolds' Feat Point system

    And I really think that there is room for half feats. Perhaps a half feat that gives +2 to one skill - so we could get rid of all those redundant feats that all do exactly the same thing (add +2 to two skills). But having 70% feats isn't doing anybody any favors - if something is that close to...
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    [MHB] +6 on all attributes for 200,000 ?

    The cost increase for a second power on a slotted item is the same as the cost increase for an item with an inappropriate power is the same as the cost increase for an item with no slot cost at all. They never ever stack! After all, it would be totally retarded to make an item if you had to pay...
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    Sean Reynolds' Feat Point system

    If you could numerically assign actual values to the degree to which feats were larger than each other - you could likewise numerically increase the smaller feats until they were balanced. If Combat Expertise isn't large enoguh compared to Power Attack, it can be numerically enchanced until it...
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    Sean Reynolds' Feat Point system

    This was designed by a monkey. One of the examples is that 3.5 Two Weapon Fighting is "better" than Weapon Focus because it gives you extra attacks. Two Weapon Fighting does nothing of the sort - it divides your attacks as the otherwise equivalent character would have a greatsword instead. TWF...