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    D&D General Too many cultists

    D&D has too many cultists in their adventures. Let’s give them other ideas to replace cultists 1. Organized Crime
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    D&D 5E Eberron The Last War - The aftermath

    I have been enjoying reading the Eberron Campaign setting, but I feel that there is something missing or my understanding is flawed. They just abruptly stopped a war that has lasted 100 years. A war where killing machines and killing magic thrived and it was an active war (not a skirmish war)...
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    D&D General Death House - A Scooby Doo Adventure

    I am planning on running Death House lvl 1 adventure at a family gathering with a group of people who don't Role-Play. They play lots of other games. I know the game will get goofy no matter what I try as DM so I thought I would start it on the light side and embrace it. I thought...
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    [D&D 5e] Vancouver WA - Face to face game looking for players

    I am looking to start a D&D 5E game to be played twice a month. The exact day is to be determined. I was thinking of Tomb of Annihilation or Waterdeep Dragon Heist, but have been prepping Death House for a 2-3 session game on Roll20 in October and could be convinced to run Curse of Strahd. I...
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    labyrinth gladiator challenge

    In my Tomb of Annihilation game my players decided they wanted to fight in the gladiator arena. I want it to be a memorable event and I have decided to make it Labyrinth Night, inspired by Harry Potter Gauntlet of Fire. I thought an interactive maze with a minotaur at its center or something...
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    D&D 5E - Vancouver WA - bi-weekly game Tomb of Annihilation

    Looking to start a bi-weekly game for 4-5 players for D&D 5E Tomb of Annihilation. Gaming space can be at my house or other location depending on the need of the players. Let me know if you are interested and we can set up a meet and greet session zero. Couples welcome LGBTQ welcome New...
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    Character build option Fighter Rogue or fighter rogue Paladin

    I'm joining an ongoing Dungeon of the Mad Mage game and am making a 7th level character Fighter 4/Rogue 3 using standard point buy. I was thinking an infiltrator rogue assassin, master for disguise, deadly first strike (although I am not sure I will get to use much of the fluff skills and...
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    Tomb of Annihilation

    I am finalizing my prep for running this adventure (and am very excited) and wanted input from people who have RUN OR PLAYED the game, I do not want to hear from people who have only read the adventure. So many (almost all) of the reviews are written by people who have never played the game and...
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    D&D 5E Dragon Heist Chapter 3 Fireball

    Hello all. I am looking for suggestions on chapter 3 of Dragon Heist. A fireball goes off in the PCs neighborhood and the city guard comes shortly after to investigate. There is not really a hook for the PCs to go on their own investigation. I could see my players taking what they learn from...
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    Portland Oregon - Gamma World 3rd Edition

    I am looking for players in interested in playing Gamma World 3rd edition in Portland. I am looking to run a campaign based on the six modules written for the setting. I am looking for fun players. I am flexible on the day of the week we play as well as frequency. I am just trying to gather...
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    Elite & Solo Monsters

    I cannot find rules on creating Elite and solo monsters in the DMG or MM. I can find the descriptions of what elite and Solo monsters are. I have read Elite monsters take place of 2 regular monsters, but not what I have to do to a regular monster to make it elite. I am creating a city based...
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    Portland - OR / Vancouver WA game - 4E D&D

    There are currently 3-4 of us playing D&D 4E on Sunday nights (5-10) in Vancouver WA. It looks like we will be playing in the Forgotten Realms, but that is not set in stone. We have been running through the pre published adventures just to get a feel for the game. We recently lost 2 players to...
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    Digital Faxing

    Anyone use a digital fax service or program that sends your faxes directly to your email? What one do you use? What are the strengths & weaknesses? I want to use it as my home office fax. I am a remote sales person and am not in my office much. Thanks
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    Need a new Laptop

    OK, I have a new job and have to buy my own laptop for it. Due tot he nature of my work, it should be Windows based. My old work laptop was a Dell and I have to admit, i was not overly impressed, but it was not crap either. I will run Excel, power point, well MS Office, internet. Since it...
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    I assume PC's with Feystep ability can teleport past all locked doors, walls, vaults etc. This seems to eliminate door traps, locks and other lower level challenges for groups as they can just teleport past them. I guess I just need to re-think security and have more area attacks, and larger...
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    Character Class Builds

    For each of the classes the rules state two builds the players can follow. Does anyone understand why they are there? I don't see any rules restricting or even setting up character progression through levels, the concepts of the builds are very basic and only take up space in the Players Hand...
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    Opportunity attacks and spell casting

    So the spell caster takes a hit while trying to cast a spell. Does he still get to cast the spell? Any checks or save required?
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    Tracking all this stuff

    As DM's how are you planning on tracking Bloodied, marked etc. I have a magnetic board I use for initiative and I am thinking of getting different color magnets to signify different things. I also thought of small red chips to put under the bases of bloodied miniatures on the board. What are...
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    KotS - Rules clarification

    I just ran the Kobold combat by myself to get a feel for the combat and have a few questions. 1. What is the throwing range of a Dagger, I cannot find it on the Rogue's sheet 2. I assume using a healing surge in combat can only be done if the Cleric uses his minor action for his healing...
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    4E game to start in Vancouver WA/Portland

    Looking to start a group and it is so close to 4E release I figured lets start with that. I am looking to run a weekly game on Sunday or Monday nights. I am looking for people to enjoy a game of D&D around the table and if luck will have it, make some new friends. I am not interested in...