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    Best way to sell a HUGE gaming collection?

    Maybe ?
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    Selling old RPG stuff online?
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    Help me price a magic item! Sword that ignores all DR ...

    But weren't ranged weapons for arrows and such, so only one time use? And so having this on something permanently available be much higher? I would think you need something epic to beat epic, and that layered on top of the 'base' +2 to hit and damage. But it has been quite a while.
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    Agreeing to Bad Ideas

    Sounds like he would prefer ars magica, although true20 sorcery might be easier to port and meet him at least half way? Or sovereign stone - that essentially 'crafts' spells over multiple rounds if necessary.
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    Introducing the D120. You know you need it!

    Read that last night. Face-palmed myself when I read the "applied use" story at the end. Yeah, that is what a die is used for.
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    Hybrid Dwarf/Giant ..... has this been done before?

    I know NOTHING else of the race stats or its canon background, but my first thought was "maybe this is how Goliaths came to be?"
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    Epic Multiclass Characters: Does 20 total levels count as epic?

    Epic. It is total character level that matters, per first sentence of
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    Map storage solution?

    Looks like there would be something for most any price range and size:
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    Name that Mindflayer

    There was ... bit of internet searching.... etriss, from the cloakmaster spelljammer novel series, although he was assuredly rather atypical of his race.
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    Looking for a metamagic feat

    I thought there was some more generally available feat as well, but the only thing I can currently find that does what you (and I) remember is the archmage prestige class, high arcana, mastery of shaping ability.
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    Pathfinder 1E Is there a potion, elixir or spell that...

    Argh, figures! Sorry for the bad advice Mr. B!
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    Pathfinder 1E Is there a potion, elixir or spell that...

    Unless there is a big change between PF and straight 3rd, a neutralize poison by some Druid would brew able into a potion and provides a "cannot be poisoned for X minutes after casting (drinking, in this case). If it is too short then he will have to step elsewhere to "uncork some fresh wine"...
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    Truename Magic

    Sorry - bombed out of my thumbs-up on the prior post as the idea kept forming.... I really like this idea. It could even be used to create a semi-informed framework for deities in a campaign. Working current day classification of "kingdom phylum class order family genus species" and adding...
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    Truename Magic

    Another thought - didn't BOVD and/or BOED (? is that the "good" one?) have some type of "words of ultimate creation/destruction"? Perhaps knowing someone/something's truename allows you to use similar major mojo on that level to that person/thing (after taking whatever related feats would...
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    Truename Magic

    Tome of Magic (WOTC product), starting at page 191? It's a book I own but have not gotten to reading yet, so I'm afraid that's about all I can suggest. I'll be looking forward to what others contribute, though. (edit: that's a 3e book, in case you are coming at the subject from a 4e...
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    Lets Make Some Silly Magic Items!

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    Aries the ram

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    Undead Age Scaling?

    I certainly remember a section speaking about vampires getting more powers and/or losing vulnerabilities as they aged. I thought I had stuck to pretty much core books, but this link to an older review certainly seems to point to Van Richten's guide to Vampires being the place to start, and I do...
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    Figuring out an old puzzle

    You don't give edition (I'll go 3rd) nor races for the characters (all humans?), but working with parallels to the window locations my guess would be: Sword - Low BAB required? Shield - Low AC? Foot - Slow speed maybe, but not by encumbrance (which would imply more power)? So perhaps a with a...