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    Trying to Locate a Specific Centaur pic

    I used to have a pic of a centaur, and I'm trying to locate it again and failing. I spent the morning on DeviantArt and Google, and came up with nothing (but a lot of really cool pics of other centaurs). This was a hand drawn sketch of a Roman or Greek styled centaur. He was wearing an ornate...
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    Need something from Dragon 145

    Dragon #145 was actually the first issue of Dragon Magazine I ever bought, right after I began playing D&D. Not all that interesting, except I no longer have it and I'm looking for an article that coincidentally is in that issue. Specifically the "Holding Down the Fort" article that has random...
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    Basic D&D Companion Set

    I am thinking about running a short campaign that focuses on the PC's as they carve out and tame their lands from the wilderness. The module I am looking at is CM-1 "Test of the Warlords", and most of the stuff that deals with managing a keep and the like refers to the rules in the Companion...
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    Help with a Character Build for a OA-style game

    I'm really having trouble getting started building a character for a friend of mine's game. The books I'm using primarily are the PHB, OA, the first four Completes (Ar/D/W/Ad), and the PHB II, with other sources being negotiable. The character creation guidelines are as follows: No...
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    Chimera Are Kind of a Mess

    Chimera have two bite damages listed, 2d6+4 and d8+4, in addition to their gore damage of d8+4. The dragon head can choose to use it's breath weapon instead of biting, so on a round it does that, the chimera only gets a single bite in addition to it's gore. So, which bite damage does it give...
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    The Throne Room

    I was wondering what resources one could use to build a "typical" D&D throne room. My initial thought was what sort of spells a mage could Permanency, but there isn't that much on the list that would help. Private Sanctum is one that can be set up on the throne room, but everything else...
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    Spring Attack and AoO's from Reach

    This is a point I'm confused on. If I have Spring Attack and I use to attack a creature that had Reach, does that creature get an AoO on me? What if my Spring Attack attack is something that provokes, like an Unarmed Strike or a trip attempt if I don't have the relevant feat or class ab?
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    Foe Hunter

    I distinctly remember the Foe Hunter for 3.0, but I haven't be able to find any sort of update to 3.5. Did this PrC go the way of the dodo, or did it just get a name change that I now cannot find?
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    Charge with Spring Attack

    How does this work? Can a character with Spring Attack use it as part of a charge?
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    [SW] AotC Arena Battle

    I haven't looked at any of the SW RPG stuff (I'm more of a casual sci-fi fan), but I always liked the arena battle from Send in the Clones, and I was wondering if those three monsters are in the system anywhere. I'm not looking for stats, just names and maybe relative power levels.
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    Dread Necromancer- Advanced Learning

    So I'm kicking around an idea for a dread necromancer, and I noticed the Advanced Learning ability which allows me to pick any Clr or Wiz Necromancy spell and put it on my list. I don't stray that far from core normally, and most of the basic book necromancy spells are already on the DN's list...
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    Drow Caravan tables from which 1e module?

    I distinctly remember an old 1e module with a drow caravan generator table in it, but I can't for the life of my remember which module it was in. Compounding my frustration, I'm pretty sure I owned it at one time but looking through my bookshelf has so far been a fruitless endeavor (except I...
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    Looking for Alternate Totem Warriors (Bat, Rat, Spider, etc)

    I looked around over at, and I thought here would be a good place to check as well. I planning on running an underdark game and I thought it'd be neat to have totems specific to the location, specifically Bat, Rat, Spider and so on. I'm going to scratch out some rules for...
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    Control Weather Underground

    Control Weather allows the caster to change the weather in the area, and I would assume that an underground chamber doesn't have weather and so the spell wouldn't have an effect. Is that too limiting? Are there spells that allow casters to conjure weather conditions into areas that typically...
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    Real Life 3D Dungeon (ala the Comstock Lode)

    I saw a show on History Channel a little while ago (Wild West Tech, maybe) that detailed the Comstock Lode silver mine. The mine was dug in sandy ground, and so deadly cave-ins were frequent. The solution was something called Square-Set Timbering, in which old railroad ties were fashioned into...
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    Statting the Breakfast Club

    I dug out my old bootleg copy of the Breakfast Club this morning, and watching it I was struck by how much like an adventuring party they are. You see us as you want to see us... In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions... a brain... an athlete... a basket case... a...
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    A Vulture-like race

    I'm wondering if there are any Vulture-like humanoids in D&D, similar to the Harrids of AE. Something like this:
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    Rhodin Characters for Arcana Evolved

    Racial bonuses aren't really spelled out for these guys. Their stats seem to imply a +2 to Str and a -2 to Wis, but I'm wondering if this was listed somewhere. Also, I noticed that while the text didn't change from the Diamond Throne book to the AE description, the artwork did; in the DT book...
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    Linking CHA and Beauty

    This is my response to the idea of linking CHA and physical attractiveness from another thread. Instead of posting it there where it'd be off topic, I thought it would be more considerate to make it its own thread and continue this facet of the discussion here. To sum up, I don't think a...
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    I've always liked the idea of fatigue rules, but they tend to be too complicated and its not worth slowing play down. Its one of those things where my desire for verisimilitude is at odds with my desire for ease of play. Game of Thrones had a fatigue mechanic, but it wasn't great. -1 per round...