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    D&D General For those that find Alignment useful, what does "Lawful" mean to you

    There are two obvious interpretations for "Lawful" and I have often wondered which is more common. I usually think of it in terms of sticking to a code, that may or may not conform to the laws of any particular land, let alone the one a person is in. Almost akin to a spectrum of...
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    D&D General Possible D&D shows / Hasbro CEO talking about D&D Dunno if this is old news (obviously the movie is) and it's pretty vague but I found it interesting Goldner: D&D up another 20%, never seems to slow down but maybe soon? Mildly...
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    D&D 5E Any ideas for how I can be less bad at one-shots?

    By one-shots I mean where a group sits down with new characters, plays a session, and that's it. These have always been my least favorite RPG activity to play/run/watch but I haven't really tried much to change that, at least recently. There is likely a parallel to how I feel about short...
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    Any good examples of TTRPGs with high degree of "Asymmetry" I might have missed?

    So first off let me explain what I mean by "Asymmetry". I am not saying this is the correct definition and if anyone knows better terms to describe what I am referring to I would appreciate the ideas, but it's the best fitting commonly used term I know. The particular "Asymmetry" I am...
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    D&D 5E Somehow I like Stranger Things even more?

    Couldn't find an old thread to resurrect so I guess I am starting a new one just to point out to anyone who cares that David Harbour who plays the sheriff on Stranger Things is a pretty big D&D fan. I really don't care about these sorts of things, yet somehow finding this out made me happy, so I...
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    D&D 5E Purchases and Wotc slow release schedule

    ... Cannot delete thread, accidentally posted.
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    D&D 5E D&D product sales numbers on Amazon, etc.

    There was a really good thread on the subject before the crash, that was updated regularly. After the crash there was a really good thread started on the subject before it was taken over by off-topic politics, then eventually closed. Since Amazon numbers are rather ephemeral, and I enjoyed the...
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    Are Canadians more likely to be Roleplayers?

    So, since I got back into talking about rpgs online, I have noticed that us Canadians seem to be very well represented considering the size of our country. Then, I noticed the discrepancy of numbers on Amazon. This is just a comparison to the USA of course, but I wonder if it holds true...
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    D&D 5E Physical and/or Tactile Gaming Aids, Tips, and Tricks

    When I think about 5e I find that I am often attracted to a number of tangible ways to keep track of things at the table. Setting aside why that might be, I thought I might try to come up with a list of possible things that can be done, and how that can work well in this edition. Mostly the...
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    D&D 5E Anybody have success with a restricted spells game?

    In the past I have been involved in games where a wizard for example, did not automatically gain any new spells. The only way to gain new spells was to find them, learn them, or possibly research them with no guarantee of success at gaining a particular spell. I really enjoyed those games, and...