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    DR in PHB II - examples of backwards or limited use?

    Does the damage reduction in PHB II in some places seem backwards or of limited use to anybody else? I understand the basic concept that the item after the slash represents an inherent (pseudo-historical) weakness, so that silver for lycanthropes, cold iron for fey, (relatively) overpowering...
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    "Classic" Scifi/Fantasy shows?

    Having dipped my toes into the world of Bit Torrent to catch episodes of shows that I missed, I've come to realize the potential of filling in the critical gaps of what I may have missed in my youth. Oh, I probably caught most of the "worthwhile" stuff that was widely shown in the US...
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    Is Search turned off?

    Just checking. I can't use any of the search functions, whether the link at the very top of the page or the "search this forum" link from a bit lower on the list. I put in the word(s) I'm looking for, but all I ever get back is a white screen with nothing on it. (Note - I haven't "changed"...
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    How do I unsubscribe messageboard threads?

    How do unsubscribe from threads? When I go to "My Account" I can see a list of new subscriptions, and those have a clearly marked "unsubscribe" spot under it. But if I then choose the link to see all subscriptions that option disappears. I've accumulated 65 in roughly a month since I found...
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    EN World in-built RPG - whazzat?

    Quick question - What exactly is the "in-built RPG access" for community supporters? And what are the current "new features" given for whole access support these days? Long esplanation: I'm finally getting around to supporting this excellent site with a bit of funds after taking advantage of...