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  1. LilMissKittyn

    Paladin Solo Campaign

    I'm looking to start a solo campaign for a Half-Elf Paladin, Level 3, probably in Ravenloft but if anyone has any better ideas that would be cool. I'm looking for suggestions in campaign setting. A little help, please? Thanks!
  2. LilMissKittyn


    Ok, I'm new to ENWorld, so if this is the wrong place...please redirect me. How on earth do you do spoilers here? I've tried every combination I know.
  3. LilMissKittyn

    LG Drow Character?

    Is it possible to create a LG Drow? I know it's a little...unorthodox, but it could be a Drow that has experienced a realignment and could create some interesting background. Just a thought. My DM says no, so I'm looking for a second opinion.
  4. LilMissKittyn

    OKC Area PC/DM Seeking High School/College PCs for 3.5!

    Based in Norman, OK - we have 7 players, but we want to split into two groups. Looking for any PCs that might be interested! Email me if you want to play.