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  1. The Glen

    After my players tried to break it, we discovered that the new half-race rules are hilarious and terrible.

    I handed my players the new character rules and told them to make half-race characters and to try and break the system. You can't actually break the system because the only real changes are purely cosmetic, but damned if they didn't make some of the strangest hybrids out there. Fire breathing...
  2. The Glen

    [META] Can we get the One D&D forum added to the community drop-down?

    I just noticed this forum isn't on the list of forums when you hit the community drop-down. Can it be added to make it easier find the forum?
  3. The Glen

    Racial options without built in spells

    One problem 5e has is the oversaturation of magic, it makes playing in low magic settings difficult without a lot of house rules. Dark Sun or the Hollow World makes arcane magic difficult. Mystara has societal implications in the magiocracies like Glantri and Alphatia. But for races like...
  4. The Glen

    Idea for starting ASIs, three way split.

    Was talking about the new rules set and somebody made a suggestion that I'm starting to warm on. Split the 3 points you get for ASI during creation between race, background/origin, and class. You keep the +1 for being a particular race, then when you are growing up you gain another point, and...
  5. The Glen

    D&D 5E Revised Mystara Player's Guide- Free setting guide written using the WOTC Fan Creation License

    About a year ago, I released a player's guide for the Mystara setting, which we all know is the best official D&D setting ever created. It had over 30 new subclasses, dozens of new spells, and over a dozen new feats. It showcased the immersive Known World featuring the background of over 16...
  6. The Glen

    D&D General With the passing of David Warner can we appreciate just how good of a villain Jon Irenicus was?

    The bad guy from Baldur's Gate 2 is possibly one of the best D&D villains created. Not just because the awesome voice acting but the dialog and slow reveal of his motivations. He goes from an evil wizard with a penchant for torture to someone much worse. He would have succeeded if his sister...
  7. The Glen

    D&D 5E I made a monster invisible to dark vision. Hilarity ensued.

    Was trying to come up with unique abilities for some custom creatures. Enter the Gaz-Thoul, a variant of the classic creature that wad more reliant on its ghoul heritage. For a kick I gave it naturally occurring invisibility to dark vision as it hides out in caves so it's hunting demi-humans...
  8. The Glen

    D&D 5E For those who don't allow floating racial stat bonuses what would you give the kender?

    If you're a dungeon master like me who still keeps with fixed racial stat bonuses, what do you think the kender should get? Dexterity is the primary obviously, but I can see Arguments for Constitution or charisma and even possibly intelligence for the secondary
  9. The Glen

    D&D 5E As requested, a POD friendly version of the Mystara Player's Guide is now available for free

    When I posted up the original PDF I was requested by numerous people to reformat it to a more printer-friendly version. Won't bore you with technicals but the margins are wider and the fonts are more uniform with the cover now a separate file. Inside you'll still find everything you need to...
  10. The Glen

    D&D 5E Mystara Player's Guide free for download

    I worked on this for five years, converting the Known World to 5th edition. 224 pages, dozens of new subclasses, new races, spells, feats and types of magic. All original art and introduces one of the all time best settings to new players. After discussing it with friends and gamers, decided...
  11. The Glen

    D&D General Southpaws in D&D

    Fellow members of the Blue Hand Group, I was asked a question that I had to look up. How many Canon characters from any D&D settings are lefties? I knew Warduke was sinister, and I was informed that Caramon was also tally handed. But there has to be more right? Two characters total out of...
  12. The Glen

    D&D General Outside of Welcome to Mystara and Ravenloft Travel Agent what non-Realms lore channels are there?

    I waa asked to recommend a dedicated lore channel for Planescape and I found there wasn't one. You've got a few channels that dip into it but nothing talked about it specifically. I looked at the other settings out of curiosity, and found next to nothing. Greyhawk had the Grognard but he...
  13. The Glen

    D&D General Mystra vs. Mystara

    One of my pet peeves is people confusing Mystra, the Faerun goddess of magic with the Mystara setting. It's like rouge vs rogue. Completely different things. Just a quick few reminders: If you are a god, that's Mystra If there are no gods, that's Mystara If your magic goes wild and your...
  14. The Glen

    D&D General A Paladin in Ravenloft

    The taproom when silent when the stranger entered. He was a holy warrior, of that there was no doubt. His plate armor still had the faded symbol of a patron of justice and protection painted on it, though it hadn't been touched up since its initial creation. The armor itself was patched up or...
  15. The Glen

    D&D General D&D Settings sorted by material released

    Out of a morbid curiosity I wanted to know which setting had the most support as far as supplements and adventures went. I went through the various catalogs and got a decent count of each one, trying to avoid reprints where I could. This covers all five editions, as well as BECMI/RC. After I...
  16. The Glen

    TSR Revised Atruaghin Clans, a free Gazetteer from the Vaults

    If you just want to get the free books skip to the bottom and bypass the exposition. Links go to Vaults of Pandius. Couple of years ago I was trapped in my house because Harvey stayed an extra week and turned my neighborhood into an impromptu island. Took another week for the water to drain...
  17. The Glen

    D&D General The Importance of Page 33

    I was converting the Mystara setting to 5th and I got people asking me to shoehorn in Tieflings, Dragonborn, Drow, Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, and other races that were not found in the original setting. It is a fairly unique setting that had its own races not found outside of Mystara. I was trying...
  18. The Glen

    D&D 5E How should 5th edition introduce the remaining classic settings?

    It's been six years since the launch of 5E and so far it's been a single Eberron book, Ravenloft Book and Greyhawk book and the Greyhawk book didn't open up the guild to other books, unfortunately. So that leaves seven settings left to be opened up including the classic Greyhawk. You still...
  19. The Glen

    Critical Role Amazon leaks next D&D title as Guide to Wildemont, the Critical Role setting
  20. The Glen

    D&D General Tarokka Solitaire: Escape the Mists

    I got bored and was playing around with the Ravenloft Tarokka deck and came up with a solitaire game. The object is to get any of the characters represented by the Tarokka deck out of the mists by outlasting the horrors that hunt them. Getting any of them out alive wins the game, you won't win...