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  1. mirtexxan

    ZEITGEIST Complete Pathfinder 2E Conversion of Zeitgeist First Act!

    I'm proud to present a complete conversion of Zeitgeist's first act to Pathfinder 2e. All encounters, skill challenges, NPCs and minigames have a Pathfinder 2e stat block. Sometimes is a very straight up conversion, other times is a COMPLETE REWORK. I hope you find this interesting. Looking...
  2. mirtexxan

    ZEITGEIST [Zeitgeist] Inverting the order of module 1 with module 2

    As the title. What do you think about inverting the order of the first two modules? I personally feel that this would be a great improvement to the overall immersion into the setting. Knowing Flint, its NPCs and starting an actual investigation as the opening act of the campaign, is much better...