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  1. dcollins

    What 0th-level spells should any Wizard have?

    A while back I made some polls to generate a "baseline" core Wizard's spell list. I just realized I never did one for cantrips. You can pick as many selections as you like. Say you have a Wizard of about 3rd level -- adventuring, PC or NPC, non-specialized, non-multiclassed, core rules only. He...
  2. dcollins

    d20-Based Sanity

    d20-Based Sanity These rules are a modification of the "Variant: Sanity" from Unearthed Arcana (available online here: ). Use those rules with the following modifications: - Sanity checks are Will Saves (DC 10). - Sanity points are simply...
  3. dcollins

    d20 Cthulhu Creatures?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a list of the creatures in the d20 Call of Cthulhu book? Specifically, I'm wondering if it includes the "Natives of Yaddith"/"Nug-Soth" in there.
  4. dcollins

    Lovecraft Priests?

    This is sort of an academic/literary question, in the planning stages for a Lovecraft-heavy D&D campaign. In Lovecraft's stories, particularly those set in the Dreamlands, he identifies certain people as "priests" or "high priests" in certain temples dedicated to his fantasy gods. (For example...
  5. dcollins

    Rules for Horse footing?

    My understanding of horses and real-life cavalry is that they're really optimal for smooth, open areas. That is, in hilly/ brooken/ wooded/ rough areas, men on foot will move faster than horses. I've read many times that on a rough slope, a rider may need to dismount and lead the horse in stead...
  6. dcollins

    CA Spellduel Rules?

    What's the basic gist behind the Complete Arcane spellduel rules? (Does it change the functioning of magic in any way, or just suggest in-game rules for how wizards would agree to compete with each other?)
  7. dcollins

    Counterspell Range

    The rules for counterspells say this, if you pull off all the requirements: Now, most often the counterspell is the same as the attack spell. But there is the option to use dispel magic, or anything in the same school with the Improved Counterspell feat. In which case the attack spell & the...
  8. dcollins

    UA Insanity Rules [2005 thread]

    Can somone describe the basic mechanic used in the Unearthed Arcana Variant Insanity rules? Thanks a bunch...
  9. dcollins

    Can a Ring of Counterspells negate a Fireball?

    Can a ring of counterspells negate a fireball spell? Assume that the ring is properly prepared (with a fireball spell), and that the wearer is caught within the the attacking fireball spell area, etc. From the SRD: - "Yes" Argument: The ring description says that the attacking spell is...
  10. dcollins

    Protecting Troops from Fireball

    Here's a question I've been puzzling over for quite a while. Let's say you've got 100 soldiers active in the field (1st-level warriors). What's the best way (i.e., simple and generally least expensive) to protect them from being devastated by a wizard's fireball attack? EDIT: For the purposes...
  11. dcollins

    Stats for Zuggtmoy?

    Has WOTC ever published official 3.x stats for the demonness Zuggtmoy? Deities & Demigods, Book of Vile Darkness, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Dragon magazine, anything?
  12. dcollins

    Wizard Spell Polls

    Here's the collected links to the "What spells should any Wizard prepare?" polls. These are mostly from last year (2004), I meant to collect the links while ago, and never got around to it. 1 -- 2 --...
  13. dcollins

    Glamer to mask objects

    Frequently when I'm converting 1st Ed. adventures I need the following spell. I'm pretty sure there isn't one in the core rules. Desire: An illusion (glamer) that makes a single object appear as something else. Preferably with a long duration like permanent, or 1 day/level. (This assumes that...
  14. dcollins

    Bronze Hardness

    Anyone know what the hardness of bronze is supposed to be?
  15. dcollins

    Giant Tick Stats?

    Anyone know specifically where there are OGC stats for the Giant Tick (originally from 1st Ed.)? I guess there were some in Dragon #321, can anyone see if that was OGC?
  16. dcollins

    FAQ Update -- Tenser's Floating Disk

    The Official 3.5 FAQ was updated recently. Among the items added is this often-argued issue, which needs to get reiterated with every edition of D&D: I look forward to revisiting this again in 4th Edition. :)
  17. dcollins

    SR vs. Slaying Arrow

    Would Spell Resistance protect against an Slaying Arrow? (I assume it would, because the death effect counts as a spell-like effect? But it's established that SR does not protect against a Flaming Sword?)
  18. dcollins

    (3.0) Polymorph Any Object Save

    Asked this before, with evenly split opinions -- here's a poll version. In 3.0, the polymorph any object spell has a save of "Will negates (object) (see text)" and the book says it's "as polymorph other" (although 3.0 SRD has self-contained text)... but polymorph other has a save of "Fortitude...
  19. dcollins

    (3.0) Polymorph Any Object Save

    I'm running a 3.0 core rules (as printed in PHB) game. Polymorph other has a saving throw of "Fortitude negates". Polymorph any object has a save of "Will negates (object) (see text)", and then says the spell is "as polymorph other". So: Do creatures targeted by polymorph any object get a Will...
  20. dcollins

    Shadowdancer Hide in Plain Sight

    So, this is the second time I've had a player create a Shadowdancer PC. Of course, he's got the Hide in Plain Sight ability (Hide in any shadows even while being watched), and a fantastic Hide skill (+35 at 16th character level). What are the limitations on this? It seems like any interior or...