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  1. Mark Hope

    On the birth of RPGs

    Yeah, this seems to have been a key element in the development of the Bronte's shared worlds - they were using their toy soldiers as individual characters in play. It definitely helps to have something anthropomorphic with which to identify.
  2. Mark Hope

    On the birth of RPGs

    I think that the activities of the Brontes, with the creation and ongoing pursuit of games in Gondal, Angria, and the like show that RPGs can emerge from a desire for play without the need for other pre-existing contingencies. Marrying play to game is not a great leap.
  3. Mark Hope

    Ziggurats - depictions in media and video games?

    Isn't there one in the first Beastmaster movie?
  4. Mark Hope

    D&D General Survivor Thread: Best D&D Movie

    Conan the Barbarian 19+1=20 Conan the Destroyer 24 LotR 27 Willow 12 Krull 17 Princess Bride 8-2=6
  5. Mark Hope

    D&D General Michael Moorcock live twitch interview Oct 8th by Goodman Games Sanctum Secorum!

    Does anyone think (or know) whether this is an indication that Goodman Games are going to release some Moorcock-related RPG material? I'm an absurdly huge fan of Mike and his work and loved Mongoose's take on the material but I'm always up for some more takes on the Multiverse. Can't wait to...
  6. Mark Hope

    D&D 1E My AD&D 1E hardback collection - what do you see?

    Wonderful work. I did something very similar for Dark Sun, making a series of 2e hardbacks for the line. I love this kind of thing :)
  7. Mark Hope

    D&D General When Was Your Last D&D Gaming Session?

    We play B/X on Thursdays and AD&D2e on Saturdays and Sundays (the latter is a streamed game, the other two are home games), so we get lots of D&D in each week :) (If schedules allow, we also play Torg Eternity on Wednesdays and World of Darkness on Fridays, but those don't count for the...
  8. Mark Hope

    D&D 2E Hordes of Dragonspear Castle adventure

    No. It's not really an actual adventure. There are a couple encounters/combats, a couple roleplaying interaction, a maze, a brief overview of the town, but that's about it. The main thrust of the adventure is to handle mass battles around the castle, with Battlesystem stats provided. The 2e...
  9. Mark Hope

    Grognard view of One D&D?

    I'll no doubt treat 6e (or whatever it ends up being called) the same as I treat 5e - a source of cool ideas to steal, art to use, resources to plunder. It's all meat for the all-devouring machine that is my wildly houseruled AD&D2e system that keeps my games chugging along. In the larger scheme...
  10. Mark Hope

    D&D General All Time Favorite Dragon Magazine or Dungeon Magazine Content

    The Elven Point of View and related series of articles were very enjoyable. Gave us some good ideas for roleplaying as non-humans. The one on orcs and half-orcs totally rewrote the way we used them in our games. Excellent stuff.
  11. 06 dragon's crown.jpg

    06 dragon's crown.jpg

  12. Mark Hope

    OSR Interested in dipping my toe into OSR but don’t know where to start. Any recommendations?

    Another vote for both Old School Essentials (for that B/X feel, with or without Advanced options) or Swords & Wizardry Complete (for that OD&D plus supplements feel). Both are very, very close to their respective inspirations in both feel and mechanics. Many OSR games, while excellent games in...
  13. Mark Hope

    What’s your favorite boxed set?

    Dark Sun, original edition. The revised DS box is really cool for the expanded area it covers, but the original has a feel and atmosphere that is unmatched for me, a lightly sketched world just dripping with adventure. We're over thirty sessions into streaming a run through the classic DS...
  14. Mark Hope

    D&D 2E Leader of Men... 9th level fighters

    In some games, yes, high-level characters settled down and became rulers of principalities, castles, cities, and whatnot. In others, they continued to live the adventuring life. And it has been both foreground (one group wrote out an extensive constitution for their principality) while in others...
  15. Mark Hope

    D&D 2E [COMPLETE] Looking back at the limited series: Player's Option, Monstrous Arcana, Odyssey, and more!

    I basically did what @delericho said. I told them that the new campaign (set in a familiar area) would start out like the previous arc but would then get weird. They were on board with that, and off we went. Now, neck-deep in the horrors of Slumbering Tsar, they look back on their days on the...
  16. Mark Hope

    D&D General Do you Prefer a Bespoke Setting or Established Setting for a Campaign

    Bespoke, mostly, although it's a bit of a mish-mash. I started gaming in Holland in the early 80s and it was nigh-impossible to find gaming stuff, so from the start I was running games in a bespoke homebrew setting because from what I could tell, that's what you were supposed to do. I hoovered...
  17. Mark Hope

    D&D 2E [COMPLETE] Looking back at the limited series: Player's Option, Monstrous Arcana, Odyssey, and more!

    I just got through running the first half of Tale of the Comet (the players declined to accompany the Rael back to their own universe after thwarting the invasion of our campaign world) and it was very interesting in play. It made for some really unusual dynamics and interactions - we had lots...
  18. Mark Hope

    D&D Movie/TV First Footage of D&D Honor Among Thieves: Dungeons, Dragons, Teamwork, With Superhero Vibe

    Yep - Carrick is a moderate sized standard castle in great condition. Bamburgh is much larger and a little more modern but is a wonderful location, both its grounds and where it is situated on the coast. Alnwick is somewhat between the two in size but has more extensive grounds. It featured in...
  19. Mark Hope

    M.A.R. Barker, author of Tekumel, also author of Neo-Nazi book?

    It is exactly the point. Modern gamers are more diverse than that, just as pre-modern societies were more diverse than your broad-strokes interpretation suggested.