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  1. Barendd Nobeard

    Dungeon A Day to extend charter member enrollment period

    Word on the street is that Monte Cook will extend the deadline for 'charter member' sign-up on Dungeon A Day. Currently, the deadline is March 31 (tomorrow), but due to popular demand he is going to extend the deadline (probably to April 10). Woo-hoo!
  2. Barendd Nobeard

    Red Hand of Doom; my players--stay out!

    Just in case they're hanging around, my players please stay out! (This means you, Tod, Bob, Jude, and Monte!) I am running The Red Hand of Doom for a group of four players. They've got a well-balanced group, along with a tag-along NPC who's just one level behind them (thanks to a death at...
  3. Barendd Nobeard

    Red Hand of Doom--my players stay out!!

    Red Hand of Doom--my players stay out!! This means you: Tod, Monte, Bob, and Jude!!! If you are playing, or hoping/planning to play, in this adventure....please STOP reading now. It really is more fun when everything is a surprise. OK, a small bump in the plot road for RHoD. The party...
  4. Barendd Nobeard

    Anyone got a good recipe for Pecan Pie?

    When I make pecan pie, I usually just follow the directions on the back of the Karo syrup bottle. But the last two times I followed this recipe, the pie was too runny. The problem lies, obviously, with the Karo syrup or their recipe; it couldn't possibly be an error by the person baking the...
  5. Barendd Nobeard

    Please help build me a Healer

    I lost a bet, so my next Living Greyhawk character has to be a Healer (from Miniatures Handbook). Any suggestions? I'm not really excited about the class, especially for a Living campaign that's over in 7 months. 28 point buy. Other than maximizing Wis and Cha, I don't really know what to...
  6. Barendd Nobeard

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix SPOILERS!!!

    SPOILERS may be present. Saw it last night. Liked it. But I really gotta wonder? Why the hell does Dumbledore keep Filch around? I mean, really. The man is evil. He seems to relish Delores Umbridge's torture of the students.
  7. Barendd Nobeard

    Feat Suggestion for wood elf Wildrunner/Cleric

    OK, I have a Spring Attacking wood elf who just made 9th level. Having previously concentrated on Spring Attack, I'm suddenly looking for a feat. This is for RPGA Living Greyhawk, so there are some limitations. The build is Barbarian 2 / Ranger 3 / Wildrunner 3 / Cleric 1. With the Celerity...
  8. Barendd Nobeard

    Rife machines

    Does anyone know anything about "Rife machines?" My aunt's "Reiki Master" has suggested such a device as a cure for my mother's cancer. I kid you not. It's pure quackery, as far as I'm concerned. But I'm trying to give the illusion of an "open mind" (at the very least). TIA
  9. Barendd Nobeard

    Crackberry problem

    Anyone got a Blackberry? My sister and I are trying to get "Blackberry Messenger" working (we both got blackberries very recently). We have both sent a request to the other (via the "Request by PIN" option) and we both see a "pending contact" listed....but neither one of us ever gets the...
  10. Barendd Nobeard

    new Eberron PCs - item suggestions requested

    OK, our Eberron game is starting back next week (after a Star Wars campaign wrapped up last week). I am playing a shifter cleric and a beguiler (probably human). I'm looking for item suggestions. The 2 PCs I'm playing are 10th level and we have 60,000 gp each. I picked items very quickly as...
  11. Barendd Nobeard

    Which HERO are you?

    I just got this from my daughter: Unfortunately, my results are: You're a Nissan Versa. Superpower: Product Placement You exist in a highly visible fashion. People feel the need to speak your name for no discernable reason. Your comrades...
  12. Barendd Nobeard

    Anyone know a lot about cancer?

    ....and can explain it to a mere mortal like me? I am looking for some information about cancer. Some very general, laymen's terms kind of information about mutiple cancers in one person. Googling turns up a billion hits, but the hits usually link to articles filled with medical terms that...
  13. Barendd Nobeard

    D&D 5E RPGA LG - Druid3 going Arcane Hierophant--Drd or Wiz next?

    My Living Greyhawk druid is going for Arcane Hierophant (eventually). He was Drd2/Wiz1 and died. The next time he levelled up, he went Drd3 (to get the 2nd level spells, which have been a life/party saver). Now I'm wondering if should take my first Wizard level next, or just finish out my...
  14. Barendd Nobeard

    Nutritional Information and Restaurants

    Does anyone know what the rules/laws are about restaurants providing nutritional information in the U.S.? I thought there a law requiring restaurants to give nutritional information upon request. Was I just hallucinating? ;)
  15. Barendd Nobeard

    Merging two images

    OK, I've got an image, and I want to put the "red circle with a slash" image over it (you know , that universal "no!" sign thingy). I've got both images electronically (just from Google images, nothing I made myself). How do I superimpose the red circle over the first image? I'm trying to...
  16. Barendd Nobeard

    What's your Ptolus number?

    I'm #837. Ordered in early June.
  17. Barendd Nobeard

    Star Wars D20 - need to make a character

    Tonight we're finishing up "season 2" of our D&D game and starting a Star Wars D20 game. I just can't think of what character concept I want to play. Any suggestions? I played a Hutt Jedi Consular in another Star Wars game, so I don't want to play that combination again. But other than that...
  18. Barendd Nobeard

    Forgotten Realms - The Frozen North

    I'm joining a game set in the Forgotten Realms. I know very little at the FR setting (but I have most of the 3.0/3.5 FR books). Here's what the DM said about location: So, my question is, which 3.0/3.5 FR books cover this area? I'm trying to make a character background that will fit in with...
  19. Barendd Nobeard

    Dire Weasel's Attach & CON-draining Blood Drain

    Regarding a dire weasel's Attach & Constitution-draining Blood Drain Special Attacks: Does the CON drain start the round the Attach happens, or not until the next round? Dead PCs want to know! ;)
  20. Barendd Nobeard

    get the ENWorld RSS newsfeed?

    How do I get the ENWorld RSS newsfeed? I can see it on other web sites, so I know it works, but I can't see the code/url behind the feed. The one post about it I found here at EN World has a broken link (see the "Quoth the Server 404" thread for details). I'm just trying to add it to a yahoo...