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  1. ergeheilalt

    a new archmage...

    Nah, it's just the weekend. Most people sort of abandon message boards over the weekend (cause they can't surf at work ;) ). Personally, I don't like the idea of giving up spell slots for what the Archmage has to offer; however, I do not see the Archmage as being underpowered. I think that you...
  2. ergeheilalt

    Who's Buying the Battlestar Galactica S1 DVDs?

    I torrented the first season, so I could be prepped and geared for season 2. I so need the DVDs. Watching on my PC isn't as good as 42" plasma with surround sound. :cool:
  3. ergeheilalt

    You are the head of a major network: Firefly vs the new Battlestar Galactica

    I'd choose Firefly, hands down. I enjoyed the show, the banter was witty, it's new, and (IMO) the most widely accessible for a network audience. You could tune in to any episode and be entertained. There was no huge arc and seeing episode 8 before episode 3 won't spoil episode 3 (ala BSG, which...
  4. ergeheilalt

    If you have an older TV or HDTV or monitor you are screwed!

    Give it time. Give it time. There will be good folks who have common sense definition of fair use who will charge to our rescue, replete with shining armor and an aura of digital salvation. Studios will try, but people with a little technical know-how will be able to bypass what ever stumbling...
  5. ergeheilalt

    What to read, what to read...

    I third American Gods, awesome book. Just finished it this morning.
  6. ergeheilalt

    Sky High

    Hmm. This strangely, doesn't strike me as a surprise. :p
  7. ergeheilalt

    On-Line Gaming Software for OSX

    Skype is supposed to work across multiple platforms around the world. I'm not sure if payment is required, but it's a lead. Erge
  8. ergeheilalt

    My first vehicle ...

    I like it lots. It's a awesome. There is one tinsy, tiny problem I see. The wing on the right does not appear to have any of the cool details as on the left wing. Was that intensional?
  9. ergeheilalt

    RPGui - Please Test If You'd Like

    I'd recommend reversing the text display so that it follows along the same line as other chat programs. That is: line 1 line 2 line 3 Right now the order is line 3 line 2 line 1 It's pretty basic, but has potential to be something more :)
  10. ergeheilalt

    Far Cry

    I love far cry - it's an awesome FPS. I played through it again a few months ago and had to redownload a hack that gives you the option to save (although you have to do it in the console - /save or some such). Makes the game a whole lot easier.
  11. ergeheilalt

    Our World

    It's been said that the Order of the Emerald claw are the nazis of Eberron. The whole situtation in Kheovaire is Europe pre WWII.
  12. ergeheilalt

    Battlestar Galactica:SEASON 2 PREMIERE

    Meh, this episode was really anymore "to be continued" than any of the others from last season. I dug it - it's an awesome sci-fi show.
  13. ergeheilalt

    Battlestar Galactica Returns! Who's excited!?

    I would guess that they are flesh-bags grafted onto a metal frame. I need to figure out how to record this ep on to my computer while I'm at a wedding party on Friday night... oh woe is me.
  14. ergeheilalt

    The New Glen Cook Book

    Hoo boy, I started reading this badboy during finals week and the complex ties between group 1, 2, 3, 4, and etc. all ended up giving me a headache and probably inhibiting my understanding. I liked it lots, but didn't finish reading it - it was a dense read to wrap my head around while taking...
  15. ergeheilalt

    Cannith Elite (10 levels)/Battle Magus(10 levels)

    Let’s see – how about a comparison between a wizard and a your Battle Caster as written. Wizard: Poor BAB d4 hit die Good Will +10 spellcaster levels 2 metamagic or item creation feats +10 levels of familiar advancement Battlecaster: Medium BAB d6 hit die Good Fort Good Will +10 spellcaster...
  16. ergeheilalt

    Force Golem

    I should think brilliant energy weapons would deal damage normally? It seems to fit with the idea that only force effects work.
  17. ergeheilalt

    adding 25K of powers to artefact weapon of Truth?

    Smite Falsehood: A paladin, having completed a vision quest gains this ability when wielding the sword of truth. At the paladin’s option, he may spend a smite attack on his weapon, causing the weapon to radiate a bright white aura. During this time the paladins eyes glow with an unearthly...
  18. ergeheilalt

    I hate my $#%&%$!!!! Computer

    However, if you go with a non-iPod mp3 player, you're out of luck. I second the iTunes recommendation with the DRM-removal tool.
  19. ergeheilalt

    As the Kroh flies

    Wow, you're technique is very nice - clean and neat. However, I've noticed some problems with proportion. It's what I'm weakest at myself. I was cruising the Penny Arcade boards and found some guys who recommended a now out of print book that has been scanned and put online -...
  20. ergeheilalt

    Baby blues

    Stole the words right out of my mouth! Very cool work Clay.