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  1. Lichtenhart

    Mark Chance's What if...? Marvel Universe [OOC Thread]

    Hi guys. I went to the google cache to try to recover our game, but sadly the IC thread is gone, they last saved on 4/20. I recovered 3 pages of the OOC thread though, which means our characters at least are still safe there. Shall we pick up the mantle of heroes again?
  2. Lichtenhart

    Hero4Hire's Avengers Franchised

    Hi guys. I was able to extract from Goggle's cache 4 pages of our OOC thread. No luck with the little IC thread or the Rogue's Gallery thread, but I think the most important thing, i.e. the character's sheet are still there. Shall we pick up where we left?
  3. Lichtenhart

    Lichtenhart has some problems

    I'm borrowing my sister's computer to write this (and believe me, this is a Bad Thing TM). My hard drive suffered a major crash yesterday (just as I was posting :() and my fat got damaged. Until I get around it, I'm gonna have some trouble posting or meeting you in chat. Considering that i'll...
  4. Lichtenhart

    Rhuk the wild boy

    Rhuk Male Human Druid 2 Alignment: Neutral Human Abilities 1 feat at 1st level, +4 skill points at 1st level, +1 skill point at each level Druid Abilities Wild empathy +5, Woodland stride Str: 11 Dex: 17 (+3) Con: 16 (+3) Int: 13 (+1) Wis: 18 (+4) Cha: 13 (+1) Hit Dice: 2d8+6 HP: 21 XP...
  5. Lichtenhart

    Hope Never Dies - Part 1 : On the threshold of dawn

    The little moon, the moon of destiny fades as the sun rises gloriously from the waves and your stolen boat hits the yellow sands of Alsinde. Five days ago you escaped Hopeless Island. The enormity of it hits you with the violence of a maul, as you make your first steps on the sand and the first...
  6. Lichtenhart

    Hope Never Dies - Characters

    So this is a safe haven for your chars. Please keep them updated. If you want to make your DM happy, you could copy the layout of the characters in his sig, especially Tristram uth Rhys since he's gestalt too. Let's recap character generation rules: - Gestalt 5th level characters. You can...
  7. Lichtenhart

    Hope Never Dies - OOC thread [Full]

    After having enjoyed for years so many great games here on the boards I feel it's time for me to give something back. Since this would be the first pbp I run (and also my first long-running DMing experience) I'll need a comfortable environment though. This is what I offer: - A...
  8. Lichtenhart

    Color test

    Gold YellowGreen Lime Yellow Wheat LemonChiffon
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    Attention - Lichtenhart is away till August 7th

    I am really really sorry if I have let people in my many wonderful games down so often in the last weeks, but among connection troubles, real life issues, and exams I rarely had the time to put together a decent post. You deserve better, and I apologize. Now I have to take my 32 cubs to our...
  10. Lichtenhart

    Attention: Lichtenhart leaves for a week

    Hi guys and ladies, I'll be away at a scout camp from 4/24 to 5/1 so no internet access for me. Please autopilot my chars until I'm back. After that I'm likely to start running a game or two too. Cya!
  11. Lichtenhart

    Traveling Swordsman

    Name: Duncan Fergusson (Donnchadh MacFhearghuis) Gender: Male Race: Human Class: Fighter Alignment: Neutral Good Deity: Photus Str: 26 +8 Level: 16 XP: 128,000 Dex: 22 +6 BAB: +16 HP: 224 (16d10+48+16) Con: 16 +3 Grapple: +24 AC: 34 Int: 14 +2 Speed: 30'...
  12. Lichtenhart

    Heirs of Heavens (Exalted) characters

    Hi guys, please post your characters here, even if they are not finished, so I can have a look at them :) As you already know, standard char creation rules apply, plus something special I'll give you. You can use stuff from all the books, and if you submit it to me first, also from Exalted...
  13. Lichtenhart

    (Discussion) Enworld Physics and World Concept

    ehm, CS, If I shouldn't have posted here feel free to delete this post, but anyway... it may be unnecessary realism, but if the sun that lights Enworld describes a fixed path in the sky it means that Enworld's axis isn't tilting like the Earth's one, and there are no seasons. Would you prefer...
  14. Lichtenhart

    Exalted [Re-Recruiting and Re-Defining]

    Hi :) Since we already have got Mage and Vampire games on these boards, I figured I could try to run an Exalted game. Since I got this idea while speaking in the #IR chatroom, most players slot are already taken but I wouldn't mind one or two more, and maybe a couple NPCs as well, especially if...
  15. Lichtenhart

    I'm Finally Back!!!

    I'm so happy to be back, guys. I'm really really sorry, to have been away without notice, but I had family problems, exams to pass and a broken computer all at once. I really missed you all. Please let me know if I still have a place in all your wonderful games. :)
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    Lichtenhart is gone (again)

    Don't worry, only for a couple days. I'll work on my characters but I won't have net access to post them. Sorry for the short notice. I'll be back soon.
  17. Lichtenhart

    Rod of negation Q

    Which is the correct price for rod of negation? 35000 or 44600 gp? The SRD lists one on the table and another on the description.
  18. Lichtenhart

    How can I disenchant a Necklace of strangulation?

    We just saved a NPC who was wearing it. Now is there a way to disenchant it (and keep those tasty 30000 gp)?
  19. Lichtenhart

    /art/ Magic Kingdoms I found this link in the general board. I'm speechless. Have a look at it.
  20. Lichtenhart

    Forbidden spells

    Ok, I'll try to make a list of all the spells that could give us problems and divide them in groups. I'll edit this any time you want. "banishment-like" spells banishment blasphemy dictum dismissal holy word word of chaos "summoning-like" spells planar ally (lesser, greater) planar binding...