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  1. FireLance

    D&D 5E The Hit Point Model of Resource Recovery: Spell Pool Variant Paladin Example

    So, after thinking about short rest vs. long rest resource recovery models for quite a long time, I've come to realize that the model that I like the most has been with us since day one, namely, hit points. The basic concept is that only part of your daily resources are available to you at any...
  2. FireLance

    D&D 5E Does this Celestial warlock invocation sound "too good"?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of the following eldritch invocation (working title: Focused Flame) to enable Celestial warlocks to enhance sacred flame: The damage dice increase from d8s to d10s. When you roll damage, treat any result less than twice your Charisma modifier as twice your Charisma...
  3. FireLance

    D&D 5E House rule to force spellcasters with daily spell slots to take short rests

    I think one of the problems with the current 5E rules is that the game is apparently balanced on the assumption that the PCs take 2-3 short rests between long rests during adventures, but spellcasters with daily spell slots don't have much of an incentive to take short rests. As a matter of...
  4. FireLance

    D&D General Orc and Pie, Redux

    Please critique my new one-shot! :LOL: An orc of indeterminate alignment wearing a flour-dusted apron and a chef's toque is standing in the marketplace next to a push-cart containing a single pie of indeterminate filling that nonetheless looks delicious. How do you obtain the pie, while being...
  5. FireLance

    D&D 5E Swapping out Heat Metal for Magma Mephits

    I'm working on a solo adventure for a paladin PC and I think that magma mephits would be way too effective as their ability to cast heat metal basically means the PC takes 2d8 fire damage every round, no save, until the mephit loses concentration or dies. I'm thinking of replaing heat metal...
  6. FireLance

    D&D 4E 4e-Style "Elite" Characters for 5e

    This is an attempt to create an "elite" template that could be applied to 5e characters to make them more like 4e characters. Specifically, it adds more hit points and hit dice for increased durability in fights and over the adventuring day, and more complexity, flexibility and power through...
  7. FireLance

    D&D 5E Analysis of "Typical" Magic Item Distribution

    Over the weekend, I entered the magic item tables and the treasure hoard generation tables in the DMG into a spreadsheet to determine what is the expected distribution of magic items that would be generated by what the DMG refers to as a "typical" campaign in the last paragraph of page 133, i.e...
  8. FireLance

    D&D 5E Second Basic Game: Guiding Bolt 2, Crossbow Bolt 0

    My gaming group got together again last weekend to play a second Basic game (my write-up of our first game is here). Due to the fact that my DM increased the apparent challenge (and most likely, the actual challenge) of each fight, my character, The Sage (see linked thread for explanation), was...
  9. FireLance

    D&D 5E First Basic Game: Fun With Backgrounds (And Not Much Else)

    The OP is a snarky 4e fan, and it shows. Read at your own risk! The post contains several unfavorable comparisons of 5e to 4e, and may cause symptoms such as nerd rage, telling the OP that he doesn't understand 5e, telling the OP that he should play 4e instead, and accusing the OP of trolling...
  10. FireLance

    D&D 5E Petty Reasons I Might Buy 5e

    Hi ENWorld, it's been a while, hasn't it? ;) Between real-life busyness and growing apathy, dissatisfaction and disassociation with the apparent direction of 5e and the related discussions, I haven't checked in for some time. (Whatever problems you might have with disassociated mechanics, I...
  11. FireLance

    What if DMs started their campaigns like Kickstarter projects?

    Just a bit of humour, inspired by the Rebuilding ENWorld Kickstarter and this thread. Pledge $5 or more Born Hero: Start with +2 to all ability scores. Pledge $10 or more Well-Connected: Name and describe an NPC in the campaign who is friends with your PC and will provie help (within...
  12. FireLance

    D&D 5E What's your ideal Fighter damage ratio?

    Simple question: Let's say a high-level fighter with 20 Strength and a longsword (d8 weapon dice) deals 100 points of damage (possibly over two or three hits in a fight). Of that 100 points of damage, how many points should ideally come from : 1. His raw Strength bonus (+5)? 2. His weapon dice...
  13. FireLance

    D&D 5E Four Times Per Day at 20th Level: Aligning Spell Acquisition with Martial Daily Abilities?

    I just noticed that in the latest playtest packet, between 11th and 20th level, the fighter gets four daily uses of Combat Surge, the rogue gets four daily uses of Ace in the Hole, and the cleric and the wizard get four daily spells (one 6th, one 7th, one 8th, and one 9th). The fighter and...
  14. FireLance

    "Blog this Post" works; Blog Comments buggy

    I just tested out the "Blog this Post" button and it seems to work. However, the blog post got linked to two comments which I'm sure do not apply. Link to blog post here. It's probably not the most important of things to fix, so I'm just flagging it out for future attention.
  15. FireLance

    D&D 4E The Twelve Days of Th4enksgiving

    [Note: I was going to post this last night my time, when it was still 22 November, but there was some problem with the messageboard software. So, this first post is late. Nonetheless, I'm sure it's still 22 November somewhere in the world. :p] In line with the spirit of the season, I'm going to...
  16. FireLance

    D&D 5E What's Your Spell Slot Sweet Spot?

    Let's say you're playing a Vancian spellcaster with daily spells (only). What would be your ideal number of spell slots that you would like to manage? What would be your "sweet spot" between too few and too many?
  17. FireLance

    Monsters by XP Value, Magic Items by Rarity

    Here's a little something that could be useful to those of you who are planning to homebrew your own encounters and adventures for the 5e playtest: a list of monsters by XP value and a list of magic items by rarity. XP Monster 10 Beetle, Fire 10 Centipede, Giant 10 Goblin 10 Human Commoner 10...
  18. FireLance

    D&D 5E If I'm human, can I multiclass into Commoner to get Mob Tactics?

    Alternatively, can I take it as a feat? I'm sure every melee-heavy party will want all its front-line fighters to do that. :p
  19. FireLance

    D&D 5E Overcoming Bounded Accuracy

    I know that a lot of people are quite happy with the concept of bounded accuracy. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whether or not you want players like me to transit to 5e), I'm not. So, assuming that I don't have idiosyncratic tastes, and there happen to be a significant number of...
  20. FireLance

    D&D 5E Fanbase Next

    With a new edition on the cards, perhaps it's also time to consider rebooting the fanbase? Let's try this little thought experiment, everyone. Think back to a time when you thought the D&D game had its best fanbase. Tell us what you think made the D&D fanbase so great at the time. Then tell...