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  1. Klaus

    D&D 5E By Blade And Claw - A Rules Expansion For Rangers by Claudio Pozas! By Blade And Claw offers a broad expansion of the ranger class and of trained beasts in D&D play! Beast Masters will be able to infuse greater power into their beast companions with the new bonding spells! Players looking for a less...
  2. Klaus

    D&D 5E The Martial/Magical scale

    Just out of curiosity, let's rank the 5e classes on a scale from "Purely Martial" to "Purely Magical". I'm setting the "Magic Level" at 0 for Purely Martial, and increase from there. 0 - Fighter (Champion and Battlemaster), Rogue (Thief, Assassin) 1 - Barbarian (Berserker) 2 - Monk (Open Hand...
  3. Klaus

    D&D 4E 5E Through a 4E Lens

    A few years back, Rob Schwalb did an experiment on his blog: he took bits of the 4e cleric and reformatted them to match the visual look of previous editions of D&D. Since a couple of my players were coming from long-running 4e games (even though they played 3e before that), I decided to do the...
  4. Klaus

    D&D 5E The Slaying Stone

    This past weekend I introduced my 10-year-old son to D&D by adapting the 4e adventure The Slaying Stone, by Logan Bonner. It's one of my favorites, and I used it in a playtest two years ago. But first, the characters: - Sparks. Dragonborn (Bronze) Ranger 1 Outlander. My son made up the concept...
  5. Klaus

    D&D 5E Barbarian preview!
  6. Klaus

    D&D 5E Tiefling preview!
  7. Klaus

    D&D 5E D&D Attack Wing details Curious tidbits: - Sun elves: FR naming front-and-center. - Hobgoblins: look like Steve Prescott's concept art previewed here: - Black Shadow...
  8. Klaus

    D&D 5E Rule of Three - February 14th 1 - "Doesn't the concentration rule effectively eliminate lower-level buff spells from a caster's repertoire once they get higher-level spells that are more effective?" 2 - "Would it be possible to have a feat that would allow...
  9. Klaus

    D&D 5E Wandering Monsters 6/11/13: Riddle of the Sphinx

    James, with the help of Matt Sernett, takes another look at sphinxes! I like the different tests for different types of sphinxes, and how combat is not a valid option for bypassing a test.
  10. Klaus

    D&D 5E Wandering Monsters: The Little Guys Goblins vs. Kobolds.
  11. Klaus

    Help kickstart Mouseferatu's short story anthology!

    Hey, kids! Our very own Mouseferatu, Ari Marmell, is in the final week of his Kickstarter for a short story anthology and it's very close to being funded. If you'd like to help an EN World veteran, and get some tasty reading out of it, check out the kickstarter at...
  12. Klaus

    D&D 5E Dragon's Eye View: Murder In Baldur's Gate

    This week, Jon gives us a peek inside Murder In Baldur's Gate, where they're testing some ideas for D&D Next's visual identity.
  13. Klaus

    New Art Store!

    Hey, Kids! I have recently put together an online store to sell prints of my artwork. Some images are also available as laptop/iPad skins, iPhone skins/cases and on t-shirts! Check the store at and let me know if you'd like to see any specific image made available.
  14. Klaus

    New Website, and Online Store!

    Hey, kids! I've recently revamped my website, with several pieces of D&D art. The site now includes a link to my online store at Society6, where you can purchase prints, iPhone/iPod covers and other stuff featuring my art! If you have a piece of art I've done that you'd like to see made...
  15. Klaus

    vBulleting asking to sync EN World and Facebook accounts?

    When I try entering the D&D And Pathfinder forum, I guess this error message: ... which seems awfully weird.
  16. Klaus

    D&D 5E Wandering Monsters - I Don't Know What It Is, But I Like It!

    New WM, focusing on a variety of good creatures: shedu, lammasu, hollyphant, moon dog, ki-rin, baku, couatl, opnicus and phoenix.
  17. Klaus

    D&D 4E Dragon 423: Alternate 4e Playstyles, New Poisons, Gargoyles, and more! Many great articles this month. Of special note is the Unearthed Arcana, which effectively brings the "modular" approach to 4E. Gritty play, enforcing alignment, low-powered characters, respawning dead characters and more!
  18. Klaus

    D&D 5E Playtest Report - Things are shaping up!

    Last weekend we had a quick playtest, to gauge the latest packet. Same players and characters as our previous playtest (where the 3-PC party was almost TPKd by nine kobolds). This time, I used Fiery Dragon's counters and Dungeon Tiles to help with combats. Quick character summary: 1. Mountain...
  19. Klaus

    D&D 5E How many players are in your playtest group?

    So, when you playtest D&DNext, how many players are usually in the party (if it's variable, please use the most common attendance). For me: I have 3 players at the moment.
  20. Klaus

    D&D 4E Dragon 421 is up! Level-by-level Multiclassing for 4e; Dragonlance Items; Draconian! I am honored to have illustrated the Legendary Items of Krynn article, including the Staff of Magius and Tanis wielding Wyrmslayer.