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  1. havard

    D&D General Dave Arneson Game Day 2022 is Today

    Dave Arneson, Co-Creator of D&D would have been 75 years today. It is a great day to run a game, play a game or do something else related to gaming as a way of honoring his legacy. Are you doing anything in gaming today? I have been posting Blackmoor Stuff all week :) -Havard
  2. havard

    D&D General Dave Arneson Game Day 2019 is Today!

    Dave Arneson Game Day 2019 is today! This is what we have been working towards all week! We have some great things in store today. Make sure you sign up to our Facebook Event. Also, keep up to date with our discussion at The Comeback Inn with the Official Dave Arneson GameDay Thread. What is...
  3. havard

    D&D 5E What type of D&D sourcebooks do you miss from older editions?

    I like 5E as a system, but I have mixed feelings about the type of books WotC publish for the system. I would love it if WotC published more of the following type of books: Setting books: We have a few that could qualify, but I would love to see more of these. Monster books: I enjoyed Volo's...
  4. havard

    Dave Arneson 10 Years Later

    10 Years have passed on this day since Dave Arneson left us. I posted some of my thoughts here. The Co-Creator of D&D is not forgotten. Thank you Dave! :) -Havard
  5. havard

    Dave Arneson Game Day 2018 - Coming soon!

    Dave Arneson Game Day first appeared sometime after Dave Arneson passed away in 2009. While others were more involved in its creation, it has been co-opted by the people over at the Comeback Inn and other places where fans of Blackmoor and Dave Arneson gather. Although it less ambitious than...
  6. havard

    Happy birthday Dave Arneson!

    Today, October 1st, is Dave Arneson's Birthday. Here's my tribute to the co-creator of D&D: -Havard PS: Mods, sorry if this is not the right forum for this post. Feel free to move it. :)
  7. havard

    RIP Game Designer Stephen Lortz 1949-2017 Stephen Lortz was known for his art, miniatures sculpting, miniature game design and his work in the early RuneQuest circles. He was also one of the players of the original Blackmoor Campaign DMed by Dave Arneson...
  8. havard

    [Dave Arneson Day] Dave Arneson Documentary Trailer Revealed

    Today, October 1st, is Dave Arneson's birthday. As always we celebrate Dave Arneson Day by sharing Blackmoor related material. This year I have something very special to share. The trailer for an upcoming documentary about Dave Arneson has just dropped! The producers became aware that their...
  9. havard

    Happy Birthday Dave Arneson! (Oct 1st 2015)

    Today is the birthday of D&D Co-Creator Dave Arneson. As with Gary Gygax, Dave deserves our gratitude for helping to create this hobby that we love. Today Dave Arneson Game Day is celebrated all over the web. You can participate by posting something about Dave or Blackmoor, here, in the...
  10. havard

    Mark Rein-Hagen looking to revive Dave Arneson's Blackmoor

    Mark Rein-Hagen is looking to return Dave Arneson's Blackmoor to published form. Blackmoor was arguably the first D&D Setting. Mark Rein-Hage, creator of Vampire etc, says that his company, Make-Believe Games, are doing what they can to bring back the World of Blackmoor. More...
  11. havard

    Which D&D worlds have Sci Fi Space Ships?

    I recently learned that Pathfinder's Golarion has a crashed space ship, as an homage to Expedition of Barrier Peak, which in turn probably was inspired by the City of the Gods from Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Campaign. In addition to those there is Mystara (linked to Blackmoor) and also the...
  12. havard

    What WotC hasnt done yet: Old Settings

    One of the reasons I got into 3E/D20: Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Blackmoor and Greyhawk were all supported. Even classic favorites like Mystara and the Hollow World got several articles in the Paizo magazines. While WotC has been rehashing alot of old concepts, they have stayed away...
  13. havard

    Living Campaigns

    I guess Living Greyhawk is the most famous one. 4E has Living Forgotten Realms. Dave Arneson's Blackmoor had the MMRPG (modules still available). Which other settings has/had Living Campaigns? -Havard
  14. havard

    New Blackmoor Races

    Below are some racial writeups that I have made for Blackmoor: Hawkriders Ursai - The Bearfolk (Under construction) Kurgans Valemen -Havard
  15. havard

    Eladrin, why?

    I like the idea of a teleporting race, but why do they have to look and feel almost exactly like elves? Other than the game mechanical features this race seems really unnecessary. What have I missed? -Havard
  16. havard

    Nentir Vale Web Resources?

    Sparked by a discussion on the new Nentir Vale forum at the Piazza, I have begun doing more research on the Nentir Vale and the rest of the assumed Points of Light "setting". Can someone recommend some good websites for information about the place? -Havard
  17. havard

    Happy Birthday Dave Arneson

    Havards Blackmoor Blog: Happy Birthday Dave On this day, 64 years ago, Dave Arneson was born. -Havard
  18. havard

    Any love for the Scarred Lands?

    Does anyone out there still play Scarred Lands? There is a bit of a fan revival of the setting over here, but I was wondering if there are other fans of the setting out there. It really was a setting that seemed to disappear over night? Simply another result of White Wolf's retirement from the...
  19. havard

    Vaults of Pandius 15 Years!

    The Official Mystara Fan Website has its 15 Year Anniversary this month. This is pretty much as long as I have been a part of that community. Whew, its been a while :) Visit the Vaults here. -Havard
  20. havard

    Mirage Arcana Gone?

    Mirage Arcana, an excellent Podcast has called it quits it seems: What happened to Mirage Arcana podcast? :( Does anyone have any of the episodes saved? -Havard