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  1. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist re-mixed

    I just posted about my post-Zeitgeist game here. Additionally, I am running a new group through Zeitgeist. As this will be my third time through the first several adventures, I am mixing things up and doing things out of order as it entertains me best. I'm treating this game as an alternate...
  2. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST A post-Zeitgeist campaign (spoilers for Zeitgeist, Saltmarsh, PotA, Avernus, and now War of the Burning Sky)

    My group (The Bosum Strand Irregulars) finished up Zeitgeist in September of 2017. Since then, we've played a couple of other games and three people (including myself and my wife) have moved away from the town we all played in. Well, with recent events upping the importance of online...
  3. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST Two new Zeitgeist games underway!

    We’re not recruiting. I just wanted to share... I’ve got a new Zeitgeist group going on roll20, which is basically everyone I play D&D with but haven’t run through Zeitgeist yet. this is my 2.5th run through the story, so I am remixing it a lot. They are currently working several side threads...
  4. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST Any Zeitgeist 5e online tools?

    I'm looking at starting an online 5e Zeitgeist campaign for a new group. We haven't decided what we're going to use to run the game, but the leading candidates are roll20 and Tabletop Simulator. Are there any tools for running Zeitgeist in those (or other) formats? (I'm thinking like the...
  5. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist book 3 pagination problem

    I was going through my shiny new copy of Zeitgeist volume 3 (4e) when I was directed to the Appendices. I had trouble finding my page because all of the Appendices have the page numbers and bottom-of-page chapter titles in the gutter instead of out on the edge. It looks like the Appendices title...
  6. skotothalamos

    Technical issue in Schism (SPOILERS)

    We noticed that the ritual to put the PCs' consciousnesses into the Obscurati members requires them to wear gold-dipped wreaths on their wrists, and if the wreaths are off for three rounds, the ritual ends and the PC is ejected. If they're not on the same plane as their body, their soul gets...
  7. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST A Zeitgeist Playlist

    A couple of my players were talking about songs that made them think of Zeitgeist and they came up with a playlist that I though some of you might enjoy. We've played Adventures 1-6, parts of Adventure 8, plus the Crypta...
  8. skotothalamos

    Any plans to do a second round of NPC portraits?

    I'm doing my prep for Adventure 7, Schism, and I note that most of the NPCs are not available as hi-res images. I've been printing up 6x4 glossies of the major NPCs, but blowing up the little 200x300 images in the pdf is not making very pretty pictures. Any plans to make another compilation file?
  9. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist one-off Cauldron Hill adventure?

    I remember there being a one-off adventure using D&D Next playtest rules a while back, but I can't find it anywhere. I'm thinking of converting it to full-on 5e and doing it as an interlude between adventures of our campaign. Does anyone have a link handy? thanks
  10. skotothalamos

    Cauldron Born Task Force Token Stacking?

    During the Task Force missions, the RHC accumulates Task Force Tokens, which can be used for a +2 bonus to skill checks during a Task Force mission. Is it intended that these can be piled onto a single skill check, or can only one be used per check? (4e RAW: You can only receive a bonus or...
  11. skotothalamos

    Railroad map tiles?

    As I prepare to draw my third train-station map for the Zeitgeist campaign, I am dreading those edge-to-edge intricate railroad tracks that I will be drawing. Are there any railroad-track "dungeon" tiles out there? Might it be a fancy Zeitgeist addon for the future? I guess I could print some...
  12. skotothalamos

    Major Diaspora NPC question (Spoilers)

    I've got a PC in my game who is an Eladrin woman who has no knowledge of existing since before the Great Malice. She has theorized that she was trapped in another dimension for 500+ years and just popped back into existence. She joined the party around the beginning of Summer, 500 AOV, having...
  13. skotothalamos

    Firearms: Reloading, Speed Loading, and ammo clips (4e)

    One of our new characters is trying to build a Gunsmith Ranger and we're having a disagreement about reloading. The Ammunition Clip gives a weapon 5 or 6 shots before it has to be reloaded. Then it also says reloading is now a minor action (or free with Speed Loader). I was thinking it needed...
  14. skotothalamos

    Crypta Hereticarum availability?

    My group is close to finishing up Digging for Lies. When I backed the Kickstarter, I was hoping the Act One compilation ("shipping in January!") would be out in time to use the Crypta Hereticarum dungeon along with Always on Time. What are the chances of this happening?
  15. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist level pacing (spoilers)

    I'm a bit concerned about the pace of leveling in Zeitgeist (4e). While levels 1 and 2 seemed to take a while, since then my group barely gets 2 combats in before they're leveling again. No one wants to print their characters because they know they might be printing again in two weeks. While the...
  16. skotothalamos

    Changing up The Dying Skyseer (Major Spoilers!)

    I'm going to be starting The Dying Skyseer in about two weeks. The problem is, about half of my group played in my online game which got as far as the fight with MacBannin at his mansion, so those three players know all about von Recklinghausen, "Detective Porter" and Reed MacBannin. They...
  17. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST BSI: Bosum Strand Irregulars

    We started a 4e game of Zeitgeist on Sunday. Three of the players had played in a Zeitgeist game I ran online up until about a year ago, which cut off in the middle of The Dying Skyseer. I enjoy reading the logs of others, so I thought it would be fun to share back. Our Heroes So Far: Cazara...
  18. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST Remote players playing remote PCs. Ideas? Should be full of spoilers.

    So, I had a Zeitgeist game running online on Google Wave & co-meeting for almost a year, that eventually died out. I'm looking to relaunch the game with a live group (a few of whom played in the previous game, which ended toward the end of adventure two). Here's the thing: I want to involve...
  19. skotothalamos

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist -- Poster map of Flint?

    I'm prepping for a new Zeitgeist game starting this Summer and I wanted to have a large map of Flint for the players to use for planning or keeping track of where everyone's moving. I could swear I saw a poster map for sale a year or so ago, but I can't find it anywhere. Alternately, is there a...
  20. skotothalamos

    Dying Skyseer: Lion power

    Hi all, I was wondering on your opinion on the Serpent-Maned Lion in the "Night on Bald Mountain" encounter and how that interacts with Temporary Hit Points. When it hits with its claw, the target cannot regain Hit Points until the end of its next turn. Should this include Temporary Hit...