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  1. ergeheilalt

    University California Polytechnic: Pomona - Fall Quarter Eberron Campaign

    Hiya folks, I'm interested in starting a game on or off campus this fall. I will be dorming, so if we're off campus we're going to need a venue. If I can get 3 or 4 people, then I plan on running the published adventure series starting with the adventure in the back of the CS. If you're...
  2. ergeheilalt

    Good Jokes about Elves, Dwarves, etc.

    Hi there folks, I'm running a character with a bit of sarcastic look on the world who enjoys ruffling feathers. As such I've been looking for a few good jokes about the bread and butter of fantasy. I'd like them to actually be funny. Any good ones from you folks could suggest would be a big...
  3. ergeheilalt

    Runelords - the Movie (Director Announced)

    (borrowed from the Runlord's website) I'm excited. I really like these books and seeing them in film will rock. Erge
  4. ergeheilalt

    Has anyone figured out a Formula for PC wealth?

    Hello Folks, A friend of mine is wanting to create a character above 41st level and no core books give rules for wealth going above level 40. I was wondering if anybody had figured out the formula for this. Thanks, Erge
  5. ergeheilalt

    BBEG - erm woman - picture

    Heyas, I was puttering around and put together this picture for my new BBEG for my campaign. A necromancer or cleric of death - not quite sure what levels I'll be assigning. Enjoy. Here is the picture:
  6. ergeheilalt

    Cal Poly Pomona: Looking for a Game

    Hey I'm looking for a game on campus at Cal Poly Pomona. 3.xE, setting doesn't matter; however, I'd rather not play in a Living campaign, but I am an RPGA member. feel free to email me at: dabootknocka(at)msn(dot)com Erge
  7. ergeheilalt

    Midkemia Press Going Through Changes?

    I was looking through the Midkemia Press website and found the following tidbit: Sounds as if the press will be running again soon. For those of you who dont know, Midkemia Press was an old FRPG company in the 80's and created a small line of RPG products from which Raymond E. Feist's books...
  8. ergeheilalt

    Midkemia d20?

    After having finished Talon of the Silverhawk by Raymond E. Feist, I was wondering what happened to Midkemia Press. Midkemia press was a old FRPG producer back in the seventies and the eighties; but died off in the nineties. I am a big fan of the books by Raymond E. Feist, a later add-on to the...
  9. ergeheilalt

    Looking for a Game Store in East County San Diego

    Much to my discontent, the Wizards of the Coast in Plaza Bonita went out of business.(the closest game store listed in the yellow pages). Even worse they had a big sale this weekend and I missed it (grrr). I was wondering if anyone knew of a particularly good store for D&D material in the El...
  10. ergeheilalt

    Help with these stinking PDFs

    Heyas, With the resent epiphany of PDFs, Wizards has released everything in PDF format. I think that's great, they look nice and incorporate pictures with the text. The only problem I have is the size. I use a laptop for many of my tabletop games and this thing is ancient. (386 Intel, 16 MB...