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  1. Felnar

    D&D 4E 4E Exotic Weapons?

    has there been any information on 3E's exotic weapons in 4E? I completely expect to see the two-bladed sword but will the spiked chain be coming back?
  2. Felnar

    What happened to Archdruids, Granddruids, etc?

    I remember back in AD&D, druids were limited to like level 12 or something the levels after that were called things like archdruid, granddruid, etc and there was a limited number of druids allowed at each rank is there anything like that in 3rd edition? Like for druids, wizards, or specific PrCs?
  3. Felnar

    Please explain Flail usage (SCA / Historical)

    can anyone explain how and why flails were used as a weapon what benefits they had over rigid weapons my friend says its because they negate the benefits of a shield, and i can see how theyd wrap around a shield, but i dont see why the shield user would block the chain instead of the ball are...
  4. Felnar

    Spiked Chain is unlike MOST

    emphasis mine what are the other weapons with this property of reach and adjacent usage?
  5. Felnar

    Alternity - from TSR

    my friend wants to run an Alternity game anyone care to share their thoughts on the system?
  6. Felnar

    Identify this movie please (Reverse Scissors)

    i saw the movie probably a decade ago and only remember one scene, so this might not be enough to go on the hero (young boy?) uses some magic scissors which instead of cutting cloth, make the cloth grow. so he goes snip snip snip and the scissors create a shirt out of seemingly nothing...
  7. Felnar

    Running "Never Miss" Traps

    how exactly are traps with the "never miss" descriptor supposed to be run? are PCs automatically aware a trap has been sprung when the onset time starts? are clues required? (e.g. see ceiling lowering, visible gas entering room, or clockwork sounds) are spot/listen checks required? This...
  8. Felnar

    Bo9S and Rage

    Does Barbarian Rage prevent the use of Bo9S maneuvers/stances? i've found no conflict, but i'm worried i've missed some obvious text (probably bolded)
  9. Felnar

    Deflect Arrows Feat (Modified)

    it seems likely this has been covered before, but here goes basically, lets you block missles with a shield, using an existing feat DEFLECT ARROWS [GENERAL] Prerequisites: Dex 13 Benefit: You must have a shield readied (other than a buckler) to use this feat. Once per round when you would...
  10. Felnar

    More Illumination Questions

    for a character with lowlight vision, should a candle give 10ft shadowy illumination only -OR- 5ft bright illumination then 5ft shadowy (seems unlikely under RAW)? how does a bullseye lantern work in combat without facing?
  11. Felnar

    Ruling Ambient Light

    How does ambient light work in 3.5? (things like moonlight, starlight, etc) is it wide-spread shadow illumination? how does low-light vision work in ambient light?
  12. Felnar

    Tiny Creatures in Opponents Square

    once a tiny creature moves into the square of a PC, what combat modifiers are used? like, does the tiny creature get a cover bonus (or some AC bonus) while in another creatures square? additionaly, how is Stirge combat (tiny grappler) different from combat with other tiny creatures? i thought...
  13. Felnar

    How to Play-by-Post?

    i'm wondering how play-by-post works logistics, scheduling, die rolling, different methods, etc? i've never tried it and just wondering how it's done perhaps someone could link to an example thanks
  14. Felnar

    Quick Reconnoiter

    Could someone explain how to effectively use the Quick Reconnoiter feat (from CAdv)?
  15. Felnar

    Couple Tumble Questions

    i bet these have been dicussed before and/or someone will have a quick answer Partial Tumble say i have a move of 30ft as part of a single move action, can i move 10ft normally then tumble 10ft? or do i have to tumble the whole move action? Halfling Tumbler is tumble a worthwhile skill for...
  16. Felnar

    What Level Animal Companion?

    What is my effective level for animal companion if i am a druid 2/ranger 2?
  17. Felnar

    Advice on building a Horse Archer

    trying to build a Scythian/Mongol/Hun style plains/steppes horse archer this is for NPCs and possibly PC chars, specifically Elves and Halflings in Eberron all at levels 1-6 looking at ranger or scout but the build seems feat intensive so maybe some fighter can an effective horse archer be...
  18. Felnar

    Fighting Offensively or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the reckless combat

    for a long time i've wondered why everyone got fighting defensively for free, the (feat)poor-man's combat expertise, but there was no power attack counterpart here's my ideas for feat-free reckless combat: 1) -4 attack for +2 dmg (not stackable with power attack) 1) -4 AC for +2 attack (not...
  19. Felnar

    Any Bola House Rules?

    are there any variant rules for bolas? i want halflings to use them, but a trip attack isnt going to be too useful against medium/large creatures (horses) maybe something that doesnt rely on a halflings low strength? if i can find my 2ed books i might use those rules, i'd have to figure out...
  20. Felnar

    Where are Lassos?

    what book are lassos in?