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    D&D General What editions of Dungeons & Dragons do you like?

    This is where I'm at, as well. Certainly, I have favorites among the various editions of D&D, but I have been and am pretty happy to play any of them.
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    How Do You Feel About NPC Party Members (A Poll)

    I have, at times, used NPCs pretty heavily, either at the other players' request, or to fill a role in a small group. In one capmaign in particular, I used an NPC rogue in a group that had only three player characters. The rogue would go off ahead of the party, and either come back and tell...
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    D&D General Letting a Game feel like a Game ~ Mechanics and Simulationism

    I often go back and forth on things like this when I am running a game. Sometimes I will tell my players all the numbers, sometimes I don't tell them any of the numbers (including how many hit points their characters have left). Usually it is somewhere in between.
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    This looks like an email I should reply to right away

    Does anyone know of a site that hosts user reviews?
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    D&D General DM Authority

    In my experience, the DM has almost unlimited (what I'm going to call) Soft Authority. That is to say, the DM makes a decision about the game rules or the setting or the allowable options for the campaign, and the other players go along with it. They may not necessarily like it or agree with...
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    D&D 5E What is the appeal of the weird fantasy races?

    The third(?) character that I ever played (in 1981) was an owlbear. The owlbear from the owlbear lair in the Caves of Chaos in B2 - Keep on the Borderlands. It had just eaten my previous character, (an elf, I think) and it made a sort of sense to start playing the owlbear as a character, rather...
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    I want smaller, leaner core books.

    I like my game books fatter and crunchier, with lots of pc build options, flavor text, implied settings, and game hooks mixed in liberally. But, you know. It is okay for people to have different preferences.
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    What are your player behavior rules in F2F games?

    Take it outside. Of course, 'outside' doesn't always require leaving the building (except, obviously, to use the bathroom). For instance, I am perfectly happy for people to go into a closet or laundry room for a phone call.
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    What are your player behavior rules in F2F games?

    It has been a while since I needed to have explicit rules, but one that has been restated a few times through the years has been somewhere along the lines of, "Take it outside." Smoke? Take it outside. Mad or upset about something? Take it outside. Need to take a phone call? Take it outside.
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    D&D 5E What is up with the popularity of watching other D&D groups play the game?

    So... I would never watch people play golf, or watch any other sport, for that matter... But in 2002, there was a show on Comedy Central called "The Sweet Spot" which featured Bill Murray and his brothers playing golf. I enjoyed the hell out of that show, because I enjoyed the personalities of...
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    Leveling up with Milestones--how do you handle it?

    I have had occasion to do the opposite. That is, I had the players level when a session went by that no one asked about leveling up. It was 13 sessions (56 'encounters').
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    A Question Of Agency?

    So, I do preps for my game by describing locations (a room, a building, a town, a county, a nation, and a world might get equal treatment or differing treatment depending on how inspiration strikes me) and peoples (again, Steve, the DeVillio Family, the Dwarfs of Illigrad, and the Mantid Species...
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    D&D 5E If not the word "race", what word instead?

    I prefer type or subtype i.e. Humanoid type with the Elf subtype. For non-fantasy games, I prefer species.
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    DM question: how much do you incorporate PC backgrounds into the campaign?

    Why are the snacks so salty? Is someone accusing them of metagaming?
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    Spelljammer Spelljammer in 5e

    In the Spelljammer campaigns that I ran previously, I used both the Spelljammer and Planescape setting stuff. The main difference being that portals were fast but useful only for individuals or small groups of some power, while spelljamming was relatively generally available to everyone, but...
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Even if it is not COVID-19, pneumonia is bad news. I hope he has a swift recovery.
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    On Choice, Consequence and the Right to Fail

    I am in kind of the same boat as you vis-à-vis preplanned campaigns and adventure paths. I mostly use bits and pieces of said products as filler content for whatever is going on in the events that the player characters are pursuing. My own response to a situation like that would be to talk it...
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    Is the DM the most important person at the table

    I think this is the sort of question that we can get a lot of anecdotes about, but for which there is little data (though it is possible that Wizards collected this data at one time...?)
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    Is the DM the most important person at the table

    I am in sort of the opposite position as this. I am not currently the main GM for the group, but I host the games, arrange the schedule, and for the last two campaigns, have initiated what game we are playing.
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    What is the most statistically improbably die roll you've witnssed?

    For a while, some of the guys I gamed with were into 3d6 straight down the line. I came to the session with a character with very good stats (I don't remember what they were), and the DM wanted me to re-roll in front of him. I proceeded to roll 17 on 3d6 six times in a row. In another game...