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    Elite/Solo gets +2/+5 on saves. Should they get a matching penalty?

    Prepping to run Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress I noticed that the Enormous carrion Crawler inflicts a -5 penalty on saves vs it's paralysis effect. Given the availability of bonus saves at higher levels, should all Elite/Solo creatures inflict -2/-5 to saves vs their own effects?
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    Essentials: Magic items for characters starting above L1?

    I've only had a few minutes to flip through a copy of HotFL, but I didn't see this addressed. How many/rarity magic items should characters starting above L1 have access to? Before rarity, it was an L+1 item, an L item, an L-1 item and GP equal to an L-1 item.
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    Looking for recommendations on a 4E module.

    Our group is somewhere in the last third or so of a 4E-ified Rise of the Runelords campaign. Once we finish, I'm going to be taking over the DM seat for a short while to give our regular DM a break. I've got a pretty good idea what I want to do, but I'm looking for a module that fits my...
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    Weapons as Implements. Working as intended?

    I was chatting with a friend (he plays our party's wizard) about his next few levels, and got to talking about the Arcane Implement Proficiency feat. Can he take AIP(Light Blade), pick up a Radiant Dagger +1, and turn the damage from his Scorching Burst into Radiant? As near as I can tell, it...
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    'Resist All' vs Attacks with multiple damage types?

    This came up in our session this weekend and I thought I'd check if anyone knew of a rules citation since we couldn't find one. Our Paladin activated his Shield of Protection granting himself "Resist 10 to all Damage until the end of your next turn." The opponent hit the Pally with his...
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    Tempting characters to the darkside.

    In a couple weeks I'm going to be starting up Expedition to Castle Ravenloft for my group. Reading a couple posts today I came up with an interesting thought. While I'll be using the Taint rules from Heroes of Horror, I kind of miss some of the old flavor of the dark powers tempting characters...
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    Name that movie!

    This has been bothering me and I thought I'd try tapping the collective wisdom here and see if the answer can be found. I only remember a few fragments about the movie and can't figure it out... A looong time ago I saw a vaguely Indiana Jones'ish movie. The protagonists were trying to collect...
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    Sprites / Objects for Mapping Tools?

    I'm trying to make a few maps for my weekly game, but have become frustrated with the limitations imposed by the mapping tools I've tried and have gone back to using photo-editing software. Anyone know a good source for free art / tiles / sprites / objects I can use? The tiles/objects that...
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    Touch of Healing [Reserve] feat from Complete Champion Excerpt

    Touch of Healing [Reserve] Heal 3 points of damage per level of the highest-level healing spell you have available to cast Wow. There's *got* to be a mitigating factor in the full-text of the feat, right?
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    New Trailer for Fantastic Four 2. Might not be awful?

    View Trailer Here. This latest trailer shows what might actually be a watchable movie...
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    Fixing the 10-minute Adventuring day.

    My group is currently in the middle of the Age of Worms series and we've hit a stretch where our last three days of adventuring time (and likely the next few) are 10 minutes of adventuring (including one or two combats) followed by 23.83 hours of rest. This isn't such a big deal right now in...
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    [MIC] Creating Runestaves?

    Runestaves are a new item in the Magic Item Compendium. According to Amazon, my copy isn't going to ship for a week yet, but one of the other players in my game is curious about creating them. Taking a look at the prices for the sample Runestaves in the article above I can't reverse-engineer a...
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    Online Novels?

    Having read the excellent Monster Island series (and the two other books on the same site by the same author) I'm looking for recommendations for other online (or downloadable in HTML or plaintext) books. Any suggestions? (For those into classic SciFi, Project Gutenburg just released Triplanetary)
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    Scroll/Wand of Spiritual Weapon?

    First, the easy question: --> When I activate a scroll/wand of Spiritual Weapon it uses my Wis and BaB to determine the attack bonus of the weapon, right? There's a case to be made that the scroll/wand would use Wis 12 and a BaB of 3/4 Caster Level, but I really can't find any rules to support...
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    Poll: Enforce the Standard Action to activate Energy Properties?

    Just curious about enforcement of this particular rule. Since the early days of 3.0, our gaming group has always assumed (unwritten house rule) that energy properties on weapons (flaming, cold, etc) just worked without spending an action to activate (just like Holy, Keen, etc). Thusfar it...
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    Brokenness Check: Sorcerers with Mnemonic Enhancer?

    Mnemonic Enhancer Transmutation Level: Wiz 4 Components: V, S, M, F Casting Time: 10 minutes Range: Personal Target: You Duration: Instantaneous Casting this spell allows you to prepare additional spells or retain spells recently cast. Pick one of these two versions when the spell is cast...
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    Puzzle/Riddle based modules?

    The series of modules I've been using for my group recently is pretty combat-heavy and I'd like to mix it up a bit. Anyone have recommendations for puzzle/riddle heavy modules/sourcebooks/whatever?
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    Spellcasting in the Suprise round.

    This situation came up in our game last night and we were not quite sure what should happen. Our heroes have suprise and thus each have a Partial Action available during the suprise round. The bard starts casting Sleep, which has a casting time of "1 round". When does he finish casting?
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    [Complete Arcane] How is Vitriolic Sphere supposed to work?

    This has to be the most badly worded spell I've seen in a long time. After reading it three or four times, this is how I think it's supposed to work. (assume CL 15) Round 1: Take 15d4 Acid damage, then make a Ref save. If you save, you still take 15d4, but don't take any continuing damage...
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    [RPG] Problems with bank interest?

    Thursday afternoon I withdrew all but 100gp. I would have expected to gather interest sometime Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This morning ~5:50am I clicked the bank button to see what the balance was. The balance was 105 with 23:59:59 remaining. Anyone else seen this?