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    Pathfinder (D&D) RPG Group in Mississauga Ontario Canada Seeking Gamers

    Looking for players to join an existing group of Pathfinder (D&D) gamers in Mississauga. We play in the Square One area. Feel free to contact or send mail for more info. No experience necessary.
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    What Is an Experience Point Worth?

    There was an AD&D adventure called Treasure Hunt module that dealt with this issue. Players started out as 0-level and had to earn experience to reach 1st, during which time they basically figured out what type of class they wanted to play.
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    Annual Chessex Battlemat Clean Up Reminder

    Just did my annual clean up so I thought I'd bump this post as a reminder. My mats are now 15-20 years old and aside from some minor ghosting stains they look good as new.
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    Amazing Stories Episode?

    That's it!! Thanks!!! The Twilight Zone (1985): Monsters! Episode Recap -
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    Amazing Stories Episode?

    I know this technically isn't an RPG question but it is related to fantasy and I'm hoping some RPG'ers will be able to help. Back in the 80's I remember watching an episode of a series that I thought was Amazing Stories in which a kid has a next door neighbor who is an old guy (Andy Griffith?)...
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    Vest of Resistance - am I crazy?

    Complete Arcane and then Magic Item Compendium.
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    Pathfinder 1E Paizo Age of Worms - Need Help

    In the Age of Worms adventure path series there are some references to a couple prior events: 1) The Fane of Scales (a temple that fell to earth as a comet) 2) Malgarius (a demon lord in the form of a fiendish tree that explodes and wrecks destruction upon the surrounding city) Where can I...
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    Dungeons & Dragons TV show DVD set on sale for cheap at Amazon

    This item is different than the other Red Box set.
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder City Stat Blocks?

    Yup, page 202 of the Gamemastery Guide. Thanks!
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder City Stat Blocks?

    I just purchased Lost Cities of Golarion (great resource, btw) and it's one of my only Pathfinder books. Where can I find what the statblock abbreviations mean? e.g., Corruption +1, Crime +2, Economy +3, etc.
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    Focused Attack Option (House Rule)

    This is a new house rule I've thought up and am looking for opinions. Normally, as a full attack action you can make additional attacks based on your Base Attack Bonus (BAB). For every 5 points of your BAB you get an extra attack at a -5 penalty. So a +11 BAB gives a primary attack at +11, a...
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    Spell Resistance???

    How come I can't find the rules for how to calculate Spell Resistance for a monster? I've checked the Monster Manual, the Rules Compendium, the DMG, Savage Species, and can't find zip. Can someone point me to a rules reference?
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    Encouraging PC depth and group cohesion

    Spend a session creating characters and then once they've statted them out spend a session on character development to determine how the party came together. Allow them to tweak their characters based on what comes out of the second session. Work in some story lines early on so the PCs know...
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    WotC Discontinues Minis: How Much Does It Affect You?

    I'm a little disappointed but c'est la vie. I have thousands and thousands of minis. Last time I counted it was over 2000 and that was years ago so who knows how many I have now. It got to the point where I'd be buying and buying (secondary market) because new sets came out so often that I...
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    FFG Monster's Handbook Download?

    Thanks Crothian! That would be greatly appreciated!
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    Scout Skirmish Ability Question

    Couldn't you just take levels in Dervish and use the Dervish Dance ability to get skirmish damage on all your attacks?
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    FFG Monster's Handbook Download?

    Thanks but it doesn't have the bonus chapter, it's just the original book (which is what I have). I'm looking for the bonus chapter (Chapter 12 - Magical Beasts) that was offered for download from the FFG website.
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    FFG Monster's Handbook Download?

    I just picked up the old Legends & Lairs - Monster's Handbook put out by Fantasy Flight Games in 2002. In it there is a reference that the Magical Beasts section is not included but is available on the FFG website (Fantasy Flight Games - Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games.)...
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    Dungeons & Dragons #2 out today!

    I visited the Comic Warehouse today and I'm a new customer! Huge selection of comics, board games, and RPG's. I only wish I knew it was there years ago! They had D&D #2 and even had both cover versions. I had previously been buying from Grey Region at Square One. I have no love for that place...