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    New Gods of Mankind

    I was curious if anyone has ever heard of or played this game? It is a game where you play the role of a god. It allows you to play it in one of two ways: role playing or as a strategic board game. This flew under the radar with me since I like to review games about PC's as gods or with...
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    Sorry Folks, I just can't get into 5e

    I've seriously tried, but I cannot get into to anything beyond Basic D&D and AD&D1e. D20 just does nothing for me. Every version that came out, I tried to read the game rules and be part of the interest but the game is so different than Basic/ADD1e that it might as well be an entirely different...
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    Angels and Horrors in Basic D&D (Rules Cyclopedia)

    D&D is supposed to be fun and break from the dregs of reality, but in some cases even D&D can spawn beings that terrify the most courageous of souls. At least until you get to 20th level and above and had a DM who gave was generous with magical items, then pretty much every monster in D&D...
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    D&D 5E Bring D&D Immortals to 5e

    Okay before this gets moved to a different thread, I think this stands alone because I am referring to the new Immortal rules, not the old BECMI rules referred to on this website. In addition some of the threads refer to Highlander type Immortals. The Immortal set I am referring to from here...
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    Revisiting the Elemasters

    Greetings! Hi guys I often visit the boards and other Mystara boards and found yours after doing a search on Elemasters. I had brought up a question about why Aaron didn't include them in the WoTI. Anyway I know that I am new but I had a chance to really look over the hard work...