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    Overbearing players and their absence from tonight's session [Rant]

    Note: This is partly a rant and partly a discussion directed towards the Enworld community about different approaches and philosophies about games. I'm playing in a Warhammer fantasy game with my group of friends here at college and I'm a bit put off with how the session went tonight. Our...
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    Suggestions for Tweeking the Bard?

    In the light of the PHBII coming out (I have not yet read through it but have read many reviews of it), I wondered what others have done to up the powerlevel of the bard. I'm not very interested in rebuilding the class from the ground up, but instead subbing out some abilities for another or...
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    Westchester or Rockland County NY Game Stores?

    Dear fellow gamers, I am trying to find a local game story in Westchester or Rockland County in New York. I realize I could easily travel into the city by train, but its not completely worth the cost just to go in and browse the shelves, I'd like to try and find something a bit closer than...
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    Pirate or Ninja?

    A small poll to answer the question: Pirate or ninja? Discuss. Edited (6/7) turned one email notification (6/8) pole vs. poll (6/8) pol vs. poll *damn typo daemons*