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  1. MrZeddaPiras

    D&D General Origin of the name Stirge

    It recently dawned on me that the Stirge monster from D&D seems to be related to the Strix, a creature from ancient Roman mythology "a bird of ill omen,(...), that fed on human flesh and blood" (Strix (mythology) - Wikipedia). The plural for Strix in English can be "Striges", and so I was...
  2. MrZeddaPiras

    D&D 5E Scabbard of... Silence?

    The players in my Tiranny of Dragons campaign acquired the intelligent sword Hazirawn and decided to use it. The sword is evil and it is currently held by a paladin, so it has been unable to charm him, but it started to complain and speak out in very bad moments. For example, it got the party...
  3. MrZeddaPiras

    D&D 5E Careful spell metamagic and the Web spell

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but I searched the forum and couldn't find anything. Does Web works with the careful spell trait? And if so, does the metamagic prevents the chosen allies from getting stuck in the web (by automatically succeeding in the saving throw) until the spell...
  4. MrZeddaPiras

    D&D 5E Milestones vs XP in Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    So I started DMing HotDQ and we're halfway through the first chapter. I was set on using milestones to regulate level advancement for easier bookkeeping, but we noticed that, at least in the beginning, characters level up much slower than with the conventional method. One of the players...
  5. MrZeddaPiras

    D&D 5E Movement and the Help Action

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I got into a discussion yesterday with my gaming group about the use of the Help Action, and I was wondering if someone had the same problem with the interpretation of the rule. The book says "you can aid a friendly creature in attacking a creature...