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  1. KnidVermicious

    Free Fantasy Architecture Part 3 (6/20/08)

    It seems like my creativity takes about two or three years to recover from burnout. I've started doing 3D stuff again. Now I'm using Sketchup for the modeling instead of AutoCAD, but I'm still using Piranesi for the rendering. Here's an evolution of a creepy lighthouse I made for...
  2. KnidVermicious

    Free Fantasy Architecture II (New Stuff 5/3/2005)

    Check out Free Fantasy Architecture part I So, after being away for a year, I find myself drawn back into doing fantasy architecture projects. Here is the wizards college in Ambergate, part of KidCharlemagne's Crystalmarch campaign.
  3. KnidVermicious

    Madison, WI cheap game stuff and books

    A book store in Madison, Wisconsin is going out of business/consolidating. The name of the store is More Books and it is on State Street, near the intersection of Johnson Street. I went in to buy some paperbacks, and they have a whole pile of sci-fi/fantasy paperbacks, but I was surprised by...
  4. KnidVermicious

    [Help] Art Gallery-Trouble attaching images

    I've posted several images in the "Fantasy Architecture" thread this week. Today I've been running into problems. I attach the image and hit post, it loads for a long time, and then I get a white page that goes nowhere. I've looked through the FAQ and the Meta threads and found nothing (or I am...