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  1. wykthor

    [UPDATED - ASCENSION!] Blackdirge's "Metamorphosis - From Dretch to Demon Lord"

    I just finished Book III. A very nice, 4 stars out of 5 novel. I'd like to comment about some facts in Ascension, though: S P O I L E R First, as a player of the Curse of Cthulhu campaign, I was amused to see the reference about Abu-Hol, "the Beast". However, I'd love an...
  2. wykthor

    3rd Party Classes - Wish List

    Shadowcaster, of course :) .
  3. wykthor

    D&D 4E What will be your first 4E character?

    Tiefling warlock with shadow pact.
  4. wykthor

    Request for Dedication to Gary Gygax

    RIP, Gary Gygax. My thanks to Scott AND Rich Burlew for that lovely homage
  5. wykthor

    Let's help Mouseferatu with the APG

    Just..can't...resist.. WOTC, All your Shades are belong to us :lol:
  6. wykthor

    Let's help Mouseferatu with the APG

    The big question is: "When?" . I hope it'll be before 2009.
  7. wykthor

    Let's help Mouseferatu with the APG

    Then I die. But I will not go down easily and will not go down alone. :cool: I could add something about meeting 4E SC where no shadows lie, but that would make no sense at all :lol:
  8. wykthor

    Let's help Mouseferatu with the APG

    I fervently hope so :cool: I *think* I read something about a possible Shadow Source. But when, only Z'Hadum knows...
  9. wykthor

    Let's help Mouseferatu with the APG

    Well, it's a pity but I understand. Thanks for clarifying it anyway :)
  10. wykthor

    Let's help Mouseferatu with the APG

    Shadowcaster, Shadowcaster and Shadowcaster. This class rocks and the Shadowfell would invite it with a Rug of Welcome :cool:
  11. wykthor

    Necro is IN! Planned Products

    Okay, I *HAVE* to ask this ;) . Is there a chance Ari could include a no-wotc-but similar-enough 4E Shadowcaster version?
  12. wykthor

    D&D 4E What will be your 4e setting?

    Either Eberron or Violet Dawn.
  13. wykthor

    Three Tiered License

    I'm worried. I really hope this measure doesn't interfere/delay/cancel the release of the Avadnu Primer :(
  14. wykthor

    Shadowcaster fixes by Mouseferatu

    GREAT :D A 4e ShadowCaster (from Shadowfell of course!) and the Violet Dawn CS are definitely on my wish list for the next year. Please, do it, Ari :)
  15. wykthor

    Favorite third party monster book

    Denizens of Avadnu, followed by the Book of fiends.
  16. wykthor

    Calling on All Dragon Enthusiasts!!!

    Top 10 Dragons of all time? Tough question. 1 - Synn (OD&D Mystara, Night Dragon, corruptor of Glantri) 2 - Tiamat 3 - Cyan Bloodbane (DL) 4 - The Great One (OD&D, the "chief god" of all Dragons) 5 - Falazure (I love shadow dragons and dracoliches) 6 - Bahamut 7 - Aestrella Shanfarel...
  17. wykthor

    Shadowcaster fixes by Mouseferatu

    Well, IMHO, perhaps because the shadowsmith are just that: dabblers. They can create specific shadow effects with a theorical basis (and thus the INT requirement) but lack the drive & control for the mysteries of a shadowcaster (i.e Cha). Some further thoughts about the revised shadowcaster...
  18. wykthor

    Which non-core monster book do you use the Most

    Denizens of Avadnu (Inner Circle Games) Book of fiends (Green Ronin) Fiend Folio (WotC)
  19. wykthor

    Shadowcaster fixes by Mouseferatu

    Corsair, normally they can´t quicken, but that Favored Soul had Rapid Metamagic Feat from Complete Mage that enabled them to use metamagic without hindrance ;-) Erekose, I'd appreciate if you input later your impressions about the shadowcaster in play at lower levels (especially from lvls 3-8)
  20. wykthor

    Shadowcaster fixes by Mouseferatu

    Here are my impressions about a human shadowcaster 20 on a one-shot session: Yesterday, I played a short story which was essentially the first attempt of the DM on a high-level adventure, just to know how the game would flow. I’m the first to admit the session was too easy and without...