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    ZEITGEIST Adventure 5 Canal Route and Attending the Banquet

    Hello All, I'm preparing to run Adventure 5 of Zeitgeist for my group, after a long delay since running adventure 4. One thing that I'm concerned about is I expect my party will be likely to defeat Kell and recover what they need to traverse the canal route into the bleak gate. But I also...
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    ZEITGEIST Squirmonkey's Zeitgeist Campaign

    Hello all! I heard you enjoy hearing tales from Zeitgeist campaigns, so I thought I'd share mine. We're nearing the end of Adventure 2 now, so I'll just give a summary of what's happened up to this point, and any particularly fun moments we had on our way. First, let's get to know the team...
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    ZEITGEIST Nevard's Visions

    I'm running Zeitgeist, and we're about to start adventure 2. My players are going to go nuts when I share Nevard's visions with them after the attack at dawn square. They were really into the prophesies from adventure 6 of WotBS. I'd like to make the payoff for these as rewarding as possible, so...
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    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Warlocks and Fey Titans

    Hello again everyone! I'm planning to start Zeitgeist soon, and one of my players is playing a 5e Hexblade Warlock. As those of you familiar with the subclass will know, the lore for it is... shaky. It's pretty underwhelming and also tied to some concepts that aren't really present in...
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    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers!] Questions from a first read

    Hi all, I've just finished my first readthrough of Zeitgeist, and it's awesome. I'm excited for my group to start playing it in a few weeks. However, my first read has left me with a few unresolved questions, especially surrounding some of the planar mechanics. I wonder if anyone here has...
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    ZEITGEIST Flint inspired by Rio?

    My group is preparing to play Zeitgeist, and upon seeing the map in the players guide, one of my players sent me this fairly compelling comparison.
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    ZEITGEIST Magic Items in 5e Conversion

    Hi all! After a long and very successful game of WotBS, my group is looking now to do Zeitgeist. For WotBS I converted to 5E by hand, since that's what my players were familiar with, but for this one I'm figuring we'll use the official conversion. I've read through the players guide, and I'm...