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  1. madriel

    (OT) Holy Bovine Is Out Of The Hospital *UPDATE*

    Jeff (Holy Bovine) was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis three years ago. It's a fatal liver disorder where scar tissue forms on the bile ducts and spreads out to destroy the liver. A liver transplant is the only cure. Early Tuesday morning the hospital called and said they had a...
  2. madriel

    Spyware & Pop ups

    Anybody here know of good (and free) programs to get rid of spyware and pop ups? After having seven pop up ads come up at once on my computer two nights ago, I've had it. I've checked out which has a good selection of utilities for this purpose, but the user comments are mixed...
  3. madriel

    Wheel of Times series...will it *ever* end?

    Robert Jordan's latest hairball is due to be hacked up November 12. And no, Crossroads of Twilight is not going to be the final book. The writeup on proved that the light at the end of the tunnel is just RJ's latest money train squashing the hopes of his fans. Make that readers. I...
  4. madriel

    Summon Monster VIII - What's the Best Creature to Summon?

    Our campaign is coming to an end Sunday :( and we're facing the Big Showdown. My cleric has a scroll of Summon Monster VIII and I'm looking for advice on the best creature to summon with it. The campaign's set in the Scarred Lands. We're up against some evil Druids led by non-humans (at least...
  5. madriel

    Strangest Character Quirk

    So what's the strangest quirk you've ever invented for your character? My brother's Barbarian has a +4 Flaming Waraxe and a +2 ring of protection against fire. He likes to intimidate foes by licking his flaming axe. :D Hmm, do you think Krash has been hit in the head just one too many times?;)