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    Feats that combine class features

    I'm thinking especially of those that work akin to Daring Outlaw from Complete Scoundrel. As I'm sure all of you know, Daring Outlaw allows Swashbuckler and Rogue levels to stack with regard to their class features, such as the Swashbuckler's Grace and Dodge bonuses, and the Rogue's sneak...
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    Bone Knight strangeness

    I'd like to seek clarification on one of the Bone Knight's rather bizarre (there are quite a few) class features. Essentially, the Rebuke Undead one. The text includes the very emphatic "You can no longer turn undead once you gain this ability." Now, the Bone Knight does not have an alignment...
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    Song for Sharn characters

    Here's a rundown on the characters of the ongoing A Song for Sharn Story Hour, located here. Vague back-stories at the moment, I'll probably get around to posting their stat-blocks at a later date, together with more detailed analyses. Torscha Worldwalker aka DM PC Swiss-army Knife character...
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    A Song for Sharn – first attempt at Story Hour

    A Song for Sharn – first attempt at Story Hour This is my first ever D&D Campaign, still currently running as the DM. We've set it in Eberron, due to my peculiar affection for its pulp-noir atmosphere, which I honestly think both the campaign proper and this log fail to completely capture...