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    D&D 5E Monstrosity as Pet/Companion?

    While looking through Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, I came across mention of the moon elf archdruid Wyllow, as well as her displacer beast animal companion. The displacer beast as an animal companion is what intrigued me, given that the last time I saw that capability was in 3rd edition...
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    D&D 5E Updating Older Modules to D&D 5E

    Last night, I got to thinking about what I'd be interested in running as a DM, if I were to actually try and run a game; all while looking through some of my older stuff -- specifically, Sword & Sorcery's 3E Scarred Lands book Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers. The idea of an adventuring party...
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    D&D 5E Character Thoughts -- Primary Warlock Build

    So, with the idea of (hopefully) finding a 5E game that I can play and get back into D&D again, I've been thinking about what sort of character I wanted to play. My main idea is Warlock -- specifically Genie Patron, Pact of the Chain (with the idea that, while using either the imp or sprite...
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    Multiclass Help -- Sorcerer (Phoenix Sorcery) / ?

    So, I've wavered back and forth between a few different character concepts for an upcoming campaign that will hopefully be starting sometime next month. The gist: think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Into the Badlands -- a circular chain of seven islands, each controlled by a warlord in a...
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    D&D 5E 5E Sorlock Oddity -- Thoughts

    So, I've been looking around the various Unearthed Arcana while debating alternative concepts for a coming 5E campaign. I wanted to consider something off the beaten path, particularly given just how melee-centric the intended six-person party will be (three melee-centered (barbarian or monk...
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    D&D 5E 5E -- Viable Bladesinger Multiclass Options?

    So, I'm in the midst of sketching out a new 5E character for an upcoming campaign that will begin in February. I'm opting to go the wizard route, and specifically play a moon elf bladesinger. Part of our character creation, though, is coming up with a background -- not the mechanical...
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    D&D 5E 5E Bladesinger Backgrounds?

    Here in a couple of months, my DM will be starting a new campaign. I'm psyched because I'm going to be playing the party wizard, and I've been a fan of bladesingers since AD&D 2E. That said, I'm debating backgrounds. The DM's backstory for the setting: there was a recent war where humans...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Diablo 3 Demon Hunter for 3.5?

    After seeing the trailer for the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter, I've been wondering just how something like that would work mechanically from 3.5 -- I'm leaning towards a Ranger/Scout multiclass with the Swift Hunter feat from Complete Scoundrel; alternatively, perhaps a hybrid version based on the...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Racial Weapon Proficiency?

    I'm having trouble trying to find the rules and such for how racial weapons are handled for all races. I know some races have Weapon Familiarity (like the Dwarves and Gnomes). Specifically, I want to be certain as to whether the elven lightblades/thinblades/courtblades are considered racial...
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    Scouts and Skirmish

    I play a scout in a current 3.5 game with my gaming group, and I really enjoy the possibilities of skirmish. However, I'm a bit fuzzy on how exactly skirmish works -- when I move as part of skirmish, does that count as my move action, and therefore mean I only get one attack with skirmish...
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    PHB II Classes -- Epic Progression?

    From looking over the Wizards website, I see nothing in regard to epic-level progressions for any of the PHB II classes (beguiler, dragon shaman, duskblade, and knight). The beguiler in particular interests me the most (though I'm still a ways distant from epic level beguiler), but the others...
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    Crafting Special Materials Takes HOW Long?

    I know I asked this question several months ago, but I find myself asking again, partially due to my own curiosity as well as my DM's curiosity. From looking at the Craft rules, it takes 4 weeks to make a suit of chainmail (assuming a check result of 25, multiplied by the DC of 15 for crafting...
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    Fey'ri ECL?

    Apparently, there doesn't seem to be (or I can't find it on the WoTC errata webpage, anyway) a 3.5 update for the Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerun. Specifically, I'm looking for the ECL of the fey'ri (asking on behalf of my DM, who's very interested in it to make an NPC, if not a PC). I...
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    Whirling Steel Strike & TWF?

    Crazy question, perhaps, and it won't surprise me if it's something that's long since been discussed and pointed out, or errata'ed. At any rate, the questions... Whirling Steel Strike allows a monk to (assuming they have the proficiency) to wield a longsword and retain flurry of blows. For...
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    Corporate Defiance

    OOC Thread Rogue's Gallery Thread Marcite -- 0900 hours -- Parsec VII -- Seventh Heaven Cantina Each of you received orders via your subcutaneous comlinks precisely an hour earlier, at 0800 hours. The orders are typical of Sector: short, succinct and vague as hell. The only thing perhaps...
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    Corporate Defiance (RG Thread)

    This is for the PCs of Star Wars -- Corporate Defiance (yes, I know, sounds stupid saying that when it's pretty obvious that's the intention, being in the RG and all) -- post your PCs here. Using sblock would be nice, but isn't mandatory. :) Here are the OOC and IC threads.
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    Corporate Defiance (OOC Thread) -- CLOSED

    Star Wars -- Corporate Defiance Here are the IC and Rogue's Gallery threads. Everyone calls it Darkness nowadays. The real name of the moon orbiting Danoate has been lost to time and the depths of the Imperial galactic database, and as it stands, no one really cares what it was originally...
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    PbP DMing -- What's Involved?

    I'm the first to admit it: I don't have tons upon tons of experience when it comes to playing a PbP game, although I shore that up with the fact that I've been gaming off and on for nearly a decade and working on writing that Great American Novel <tm>. That aside, though, I've been considering...
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    Karl Green's Eberron Game

    Sorry, Karl -- I can't remember the title you had to save my life. "Dark Clouds, Fallen Stars" or something similar. Anyway, I'm present, here, accounted for, all that stuff, and I figured I'd at least take the initiative to get the OOC thread back up so we can see where to go from here. I'm...
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    Casefiles Reopened: Agents of D.E.L.V.E.

    I figured I'd at least get an OOC thread back up for this, if nothing else. Sorrow, if you still want to do this, I'm more than willing. I still have my character write-up, if all else fails. The rest of you folks... hopefully you're still around and interested?