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    My beguiler got Feebleminded last session (needed 6+ to make the save, rolled a 5 ....) We asked the DM what would happen if the other party member removed my character's Headband of Intellect +6 and then put it back on him again. The DM agreed, (probably for practical reasons - not much fun...
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    Disbelieving Invisibility?

    Can you try and disbelieve against an opponent who has cast invisibility, in the same way you can with other illusions? If so, do people actually do this, as I've never seen it done in a game?
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    Ego Whip question

    Am I right in thinking Ego Whip (psionic power) can be used repeatedly against the same target and stacks with itself? In other words, you can reduce someone's charisma down to zero by using ego whip on them for several rounds. Is this because it differs from (say) Ray of Enfeeblement in that...
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    Trial of Echoed Souls experiences - major spoilers!

    *** Spoilers *** Rhuarc has finally bitten the dust (reduced to 0 hp by a sound lance, then reduced to –30 hp by a mind thrust that left pieces of his skull dotted all over his mother’s summoning chamber in the High House) but now the characters have a problem. They can’t figure out what...
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    Reign of Discordia Review

    Reign of Discordia is a 137 page PDF from Reality Deviant Publications. It is a futuristic setting for Green Ronin’s True20 system, and was written by Darrin Drader. The tagline is “Interstellar Adventure in the Ruins of Empire”. I received a review copy. True20 had a previous science fiction...
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    Review Question

    I have a review of Reality Deviant's Reign of Discordia (for True20) that I'd like to post. I assume that we still can't add new products to the reviews section, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Otherwise, which would be the most appropriate forum to post it in?
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    Good adventure for 10th level characters?

    For my next D&D 3.5 campaign, I'm thinking of having a dragon theme. I was planning to run Sunless Citadel, then Forge of Fury, followed by Red Hand of Doom. This should get the characters up to around 10th level. Any suggestions as to a published adventure I could follow on with? (Not WotBS...
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    Eye of the Tempest

    I haven't been able to download Eye of the Tempest from RPG Now. Has anyone else been having problems with this?
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    Beguilers - too powerful?

    Over on the Paizo boards, someone posted that "Beguilers are way too powerful". That particular thread had nothing to do with beguilers, so I thought I'd start a thread here. Are they too powerful? The only time I've ever seen one played (check out my story hour :) ), the player got...
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    Review of Vehicles (for True20) by RDP

    Vehicles is a True20 supplement in PDF format from Reality Deviant Press. Green Ronin’s True20 tries for a “toolkit” approach. The core rulebook is intended to be useful for games of all genres, and has to cover a lot of ground. As a result it can’t cover all areas in detail. One area in which...
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    Another Mad King's Banquet query

    Our group have finally reached Act 3 of the Mad King's banquet, but there doesn't seem to be much information on XP awards. I'm happy to calculate the XP for the encounters myself, but not if I've just failed my spot check. I appreciate Act 3 can pan out in lots of different ways, so maybe the...
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    I ran through a prismatic sphere!

    My 20th level binder ran through a prismatic sphere. It was a great moment, but was it strictly legal? The first three colours were no problem - made the 3 reflex saves, and have a ring of evasion. The DM then let me use my wand of magic missiles to dispel the fourth colour (can use thanks to...
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    Mad King's Banquet query - Spoilers!

    I'm getting close to running the battle in Act Two. My PCs are likely to be asked to take out the siege engines. We are given details of the guards and crew of the catapults, but I can't see anything similar for the ballistas. Do they have crew? (If not, presumably there are currently no...
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    Counteracting Greater Blink

    Just had a very un-fun encounter against an enemy who had cast greater blink. We must have failed something like 15 out of 18 miss chances even though its only 50%. If it happens again, I'd like to be able to counter it. How can you get round the miss chance?
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    Shelter from the Storm

    Dunno where to post this, but I don't think my players visit this forum. Act 4 consists of a single EL 10 encounter which left them drained of resources (due partly to bad dice rolling and partly to circumstances - for example the elan psion blew all his power points to avoid death from a crit...
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    Energy Missile

    My binder (sometimes) has the ability to "cast" energy missile. I'm far from an expect on psionics, but the augmentation seems wrong to me. The save DC increases by 1 for every power point you put in. Shouldn't that be +1 for every two power points? Its not in the errata.
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    Shelter from the Storm

    I don't want give any spoilers, but would it cause any long term continuity problems if I give Damius's part in the adventure to Ogoth?
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    WotBS 2

    I can't remember if this is how its done :uhoh: Anyway, please could you add War of the Burning Sky #2, Scouring of Gate Pass to your products list as I'd like to do a review.
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    Community Supporter Renewal

    I'm trying to renew my community supporter account. If I go in to Support the Site! / Community Supporter I get an error. Is there another way to do it, that works?
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    Summon Monster

    Are there any rules, or guidelines, for assigning the level Summon Monster spell you need for summoning a particular monster? Several books add new monsters to the standard lists, and I'd like to do the same myself, but I'd like to asssign them to the "correct" levels if possible.