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    Wotc art reused by Walmart('s Chinese Affiliate)?

    Walking through Walmart, i noticed a toy with some very familiar art on the package. Here's somebody's vid that happens to show the package And I could be wrong, but...
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    Apparently KULT is coming back. Always been curious about KULT, premise sounded interesting, but I never go a chance to crack open the books.
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    delete please

    delete please
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    [5E] Has anyone converted the D&D&Diablo monsters?

    Has anyone converted the D&D&Diablo monsters to 5E? I've always liked how the 2E D&D&Diablo monsters were set up and I'm wondering if anyone converted them.
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    D&D 5E Twin spell, what are some good spell choices?

    So after this clarification... :erm: What are some good choices with twin spell?
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    D&D 1E Giants, has anyone converted them back to their 1E Hit Dice and Size?

    Forking off this topic... Has anyone used the DMG monster rules to drop the giants to their 1E Hit dice and sizes? While I like giants being back to "pick you up one handed" size, I...
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    D&D 5E What lowish level Dungeon Magazine adventures work well with 5E? (issues 1 - 150)

    I have a decent stash of the old print Dungeon Magazine and considering working on completing it, so I'm wondering, what lowish level Dungeon Magazine adventures, from issues 1 - 150 work well with 5E?
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    D&D 5E Are Challenge Ratings of dragons accurate in 5ED&D?

    In 5E there is a modest amount of power variation at each level of Challenge Rating, and given that WoTC has screwed up dragon CRs before, I’m wondering if folks feel dragons are appropriately CR’ed.
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    A polearm weighs 30 pounds?!

    :confused: Wonky weapon weights make it a hell of a lot harder to use carrying capacity rules. People still make weapons so you don't have to consult a scholar to do such research.
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    Magic: The Gathering is getting a Board Game, MTG again has miniatures! :heh: Looks like they are leveraging their Heroscape assets. :o And I sure hope they don't paint the Summon Monster minis since they look good enough without paint!
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    D&D 5E Can a character tell when they are in danger of drawing an Opportunity Attack, notably in regards to Sentinel & Polearm Master?

    Forked from here... Can a character tell when they are in danger of drawing an Opportunity Attack, notably in regards to Sentinel & Polearm Master? Since this edition is more rulings than rules I'm wondering how folks are handling the feats and possibly other abilities that grant AO's beyond...
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    D&D 5E Heavy Armour Master, how does a front liner survive without it?

    Been playing only for a few levels, but I'm really having trouble grasping how a front line type character is going to get by without this feat. Sure monsters start hitting harder, but with the bounded accuracy making lesser foes far more useful for a far longer time, it's been feeling like the...
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    D&D 5E Area Effects: How much does a foe need to be inside the area to be affected?

    Since the square grid locking foes into precise locations is only now a variant, and that area affects are distinctly non grid shaped other than the cube, how are the folks handling Area Effects and potential victims? It can be a big deal since a low level caster might be happy clipping a few...
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    D&D 5E MM Firesnake up on Christopher Burdett's Blog Interesting design, with the almost rooster like appearance. Though I hope the beakyness disappears when they mature into salamanders.
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    D&D 5E Anyone else feel individual initiative is more trouble than it's worth?

    Anyone else feel individual initiative is more trouble than it's worth? With the removal of the Delay action* and the overly punitive way Ready takes away your reaction, I've been feeling like rolling the right order in initiative is the hardest part of many fights and that just a single roll...
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    D&D 5E What would be useful on a 11"x17" character sheet?

    What would be useful on a 11"x17" character sheet for D&D 5th edition? Not seeing (m)any really big sheets, so I'm trying to brainstorm what would be useful to have if there was some extra space was available on a sheet.
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    Gygax Magazine, how is it?

    Been considering getting the magazine, but I'd like to hear what folks think of it. What does it generally cover? What Games? What genres? Any mention of miniature gaming? In general is it worth the print price?
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    The purple worm, how have you dealt with / used it?

    One of the oldest and and most dangerous monsters in D&D, the purple worm is generally regarded as Bad NewsTM. Burrowing, a bucket of HD, swallow whole and a poison sting all add up to a monster most parties try to avoid, if they can. How have you dealt with this beast? Is it a foe your PCs...
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    Has the cold weather been interfering with your gaming?

    Has the cold weather been interfering with your gaming? Are treacherous roads a good enough reason to call off a game group meeting?
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    Refs, well, the timekeeper, give Bulls another victory.

    9/10s of a second my chitinous ass, it was no surprise the clock was not shown on the slow motion replay. Watched in slow motion, it becomes obvious the timekeeper gave Taj Gibson extra time to make the shot.